First Time(1)


First time with the love of my life.

my first time with a man I have since let go...If only you could change the past.

I lay in Ryan's bed, 16 years old and nervous, knowing that tonight was the night I would lose my virginity. I smoothed down the silk chemise I was wearing and anxiously checked my lipstick in my compact, looking a lot sexier than I actually felt! I could hear Ryan in the bathroom as I waited for him to join me in the bedroom. Nervous thoughts swept through my brain: "Would I be any good?"...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


I've waited for you

Here he was again. It's been over a year since I've seen him yet here he was again, in my house. Ryan always turned up when he got bored of his latest 'girlfriend'.  I suppose I should have been flattered that he was always drawn back to me, but I never was. The only emotion I ever felt when he paid me one of his visits was guilt. Pure guilt. Guilt that I had lied to myself again about...Read On