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Anyone wanting to chat tonight, I'd usually love it! Not feeling up to it right now though. Tomorrow however, I have the whole day off...

17 Dec 2013 22:59

How do you add Gifs to people's timelines??

23 Sep 2013 22:37

Really love when people comment on my pictures!

17 Jun 2013 12:55

Sorry if I haven't been responding to your online messages! I don't usually log out of here on my laptop, so it'll say I'm online even when I'm not.

26 May 2013 00:50

Just checking my messages and working on a story tonight friends... Nothing else

18 Apr 2013 22:42

God, you Australians are always so horny! Love ya though, haha

28 Mar 2013 23:46

Spelling errors... That's my biggest pet peeve.

18 Feb 2013 19:59

When you're off the site for one day and come back with 26 friends requests?? Um wow, I guess that's semi-flattering

26 Jan 2013 23:36

In the middle of writing a story!

24 Jan 2013 21:57

It's not you, it's me... literally. Feeling antisocial and tired the past while, sorry if I don't respond to chat requests for now!

17 Jan 2013 21:38

Unless I talk to you regularly, when I'm "away" that either means I've stepped away for a while, or I'll start the conversation with you... When I'm online it's open season everyone

03 Jan 2013 18:23

Any guy who has a picture of puppies as their avatar, I WILL NOT ADD YOU. It makes me think one of two things:

#1) You think you'll get more girls as friends because "OMG, we're suckers for puppies"!
#2) You aren't confident enough in yourself as a person, therefore you're afraid to post any real pictures.

Just thought you should know 😘

29 Dec 2012 20:01

I'm thinking I need to talk to someone right now...

17 Dec 2012 22:17