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06 Nov 2015 14:27

Her heart stopped for a millisecond, for what she could see made her head spin.
She looked up at the beautiful young woman who was gazing directly at her.
“You're not wearing...” she breathed with tremendous effort as her lungs just didn't seem to be working properly any more.
“No,” the young woman smiled, parting her legs just a little more, “I never do.”
(It Cost a Coffee - Comp. entry)

17 Jun 2015 14:52

She had taken off her shoes so there would be no sound from her heels as she flitted from shadow to shadow, stopping constantly to look and listen, pressing herself into a doorway when a police patrol drove past. Her dark woollen coat helped her to blend in and not be seen as the car drove slowly by, her heart beating so loudly in her ears she was surprised they hadn’t heard it. For a second she thought the policeman in the passenger seat had seen her as he looked straight at her but, no, they continued on their patrol without even a pause and, once again, the street was empty and quiet.
As soon as the sound of the car had faded away, she made a dash across the road to her apartment house.

05 Jun 2015 13:29

"I don't just care for you, Anna. I would die for you. Since you arrived I have experienced feelings I have never felt before. I don't understand it myself but I don't want to be with anyone else. Only you, Anna, only you."
She gazed deep into my eyes and suddenly, leaned towards me and kissed me on the lips, gently.
As our lips touched a strange sensation ran through me, like a spark, beginning at my lips and shooting down to the bottom of my stomach. Suddenly, everything became crystal clear. All the things I had felt in her company now made sense. Was this what love felt like?

15 May 2015 13:55

Life really is a roller coaster, Sometimes you are up and others, down. Without the troughs we would not appreciate the peaks. How boring would be the rollercoaster that was level?

23 Jan 2015 02:58

A short story for Christmas. I would value any feedback. Thanks.

11 Nov 2014 12:21

The city Of Pelengrath lay under seige. It's inhabitants starving and sick, under constant attack from the army of the evil warlord Samerron. King Wendell lay dying of his wounds and his sons strove to repel the constant incursions. It seemed that the end would not be long coming unless help from outside could be found.
With the King incapacitated and his two sons fighting to save the city, it befell his daughter to find a way out and summon help.
In the dead of night, Princess Anna slipped out of the city through a hidden tunnel and began a quest that could mean life or death for her and the city.
Her only hope lie in many days ride to the forest of Mallagen and to find the last person who could save them and turn back the tide of evil that was threatening to swallow the last free havens of peace...The Princess of the Forest.

10 Apr 2014 21:44

I do get fed up with people just disappearing without saying goodbye! So damned rude!

16 Feb 2014 01:57

Since posting my previous comment, my friends have convinced me to post more stories here.
They are right. I will not let the mods spoil our pleasure...this time.
Thank you, everyone, for your support.

09 Feb 2014 01:37

Well, I didn't get kicked but I will not be posting any more stories here. I am sad that the readers who have enjoyed them will not get to see any more.

07 Feb 2014 02:04

If you want to be my friend, Talk to me first. Why would I add you if you can't even introduce yourself!

01 Dec 2013 01:29

My primary goal here was to tell people about my books! If you want to buy I would be very happy but please, DON'T TELL ME YOU WILL AND THEN NOT! It makes me very disappointed!

14 Nov 2013 17:49