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Topic Ladies, what do you prefer when watching...?
Posted 20 Oct 2017 13:53

2 cocks in one pussy.

Topic do women like anal cunnilingus?
Posted 20 Oct 2017 13:51

I love it. It just make me cum fast. I go wild when someone licks my ass hole. It's an amazing feeling.

Topic Do women masturbate when reading Lush stories?
Posted 20 Oct 2017 13:48

I have been doing since I came on lush. I masterbate while reading stories and chatting with Lush members

Topic Would you sell yourself?
Posted 20 Oct 2017 13:42

I will sell myself for sex. I have done it in the past and doing it every now and then and I will keep doing in the future too.

Topic who wants to fuck
Posted 14 Sep 2017 08:46

Question should be "who doesn't want to fuck"? I mean everyone loves to fuck or be fucked.

Topic sex with co-workers?
Posted 14 Sep 2017 08:42

Yes I have slept with my co-worker. It was not just one time. After first time we were frequently having sex for some 6 months. Later we broke up.

Topic nudity in the house
Posted 14 Sep 2017 08:36

It's quiet common being nude at home. I am nude in the morning time as I woke up with nothing on.

Topic Anal or pussy?
Posted 14 Sep 2017 08:16

It's pussy first but don't try to forget the butthole.

Topic Sleep or Sex?
Posted 14 Sep 2017 08:12

When sex is in mind, sleep is out of mind. First have sex. Feel satisfied then go to sleep.

Topic How big a gap in years would you consider ok for a sexual partner?
Posted 14 Sep 2017 08:01

For me, the more older the more fun with the ability to go for rounds and rounds.

Topic Do You like to give or reciever oral sex?
Posted 14 Sep 2017 07:56

I love both. By the way Receiving from a male is an awesome feeling.

Topic Name a public place you have always wanted to have sex
Posted 14 Sep 2017 07:54

At the movies

Topic Are you currently having an affair?
Posted 14 Sep 2017 07:42

In real life yes with both the sex.

Topic How many of you women pee in the shower?
Posted 08 Sep 2017 07:50

So very naughty, do you do that with your pussy juices and cum when you masturbate in the shower too?.

Yes Mr. Dave. I do it often but only when I play alone with myself.

Topic How many of you gals are into inter-racial sex..
Posted 07 Sep 2017 06:53

I am an Asian and have had sex with few black students

Topic Girls, what color panties are you wearing today?
Posted 07 Sep 2017 06:51


Topic Girls, have you ever taken a shower with another girl?
Posted 07 Sep 2017 06:49

Yes I had several times.

Topic How many of you women pee in the shower?
Posted 06 Sep 2017 10:36

I love to Pee in shower. I Pee in my hands and then rub it all over my body

Topic Watching you fuck?
Posted 06 Sep 2017 10:13

My boyfriend loves watching me with another girl. He is ki.dda jealous of other man fucking me.

Topic Still a Virgin ?
Posted 06 Sep 2017 10:06


Topic Number of fingers?
Posted 06 Sep 2017 10:03

2 is best. Tough I can easily fit 3 inside my pussy. 1 is better in ass.

Topic Girls, do you insert things into your vagina or just simply play with your clit when masturbating?
Posted 19 Oct 2016 08:52

Most of the time it's penetration. Whether it's toys, finger, vegetables, candles or anything.

Topic what did you last masturbate with?
Posted 18 Oct 2016 10:19

My boyfriend's trimer

Topic Girls, what color panties are you wearing today?
Posted 18 Oct 2016 10:15

Red colour panty

Topic Girls, have you ever taken a shower with another girl?
Posted 14 Oct 2016 05:54

Yes. Many times. I still shower with my fuck friends

Topic Short skirt/dress or short shorts?
Posted 14 Oct 2016 05:53

Short skirt

Topic Give or Receive Oral?
Posted 14 Oct 2016 05:48

Love both but among the two I love receiving the most.

Topic Face Sitting
Posted 14 Oct 2016 05:47

I love it. I love to sit on my partners face.

Topic Does your other half approve lush or is it a secret?
Posted 14 Oct 2016 05:46

My frnds know that I am on lush.