annie_s's Blog Entries

09 Sep 2016 07:18

contemplating some very angry sex

10 May 2010 10:45

a new, very short story of mine is out, working on a longer one, but apparently it's too rough yet

16 Apr 2010 12:57

stranded because of the stupid volcano

24 Mar 2010 01:22

holiday coming up, can hardly wait to party my ass off

27 Feb 2010 23:41

looking fwd to my 4 days off, hopefully I can finish at least one of my stories

05 Feb 2010 10:49

working my *ss off no time/energy to do anything else...

17 Jan 2010 02:07

packing for her 4 day short break

14 Jan 2010 02:27

quite annoyed as I wanted to finish some of my stories this week but have to work extra hours:(

16 Dec 2009 14:50

I'd really need some inspiration

09 Dec 2009 11:54

tired after a long day at work listening to Way Out West (as a warm up as I'll see they in a few days)

04 Dec 2009 07:46

tired after shopping all afternoon at the x-mas market and shops, gone cooking now

03 Dec 2009 11:25

waiting for approval on my festive story. I've been sweating blood with that one....