annie_s's Blog Entries

02 Dec 2016 19:44

This 2000 word max on the comp entry is killing me. Seriously. Had to chop all description and fluff off and I'm just down to the pure sex scenes and it's still not enough.

30 Nov 2016 23:37

The next story I'm writing is 'The Tale of the Nine Inch Heels and the Crop' and it just goes on and on and on, I just can't seem be able to end the fun lol

05 Nov 2016 01:36

Plan D in operation

10 May 2010 10:45

a new, very short story of mine is out, working on a longer one, but apparently it's too rough yet

16 Apr 2010 12:57

stranded because of the stupid volcano

24 Mar 2010 01:22

holiday coming up, can hardly wait to party my ass off

27 Feb 2010 23:41

looking fwd to my 4 days off, hopefully I can finish at least one of my stories

05 Feb 2010 10:49

working my *ss off no time/energy to do anything else...

17 Jan 2010 02:07

packing for her 4 day short break

14 Jan 2010 02:27

quite annoyed as I wanted to finish some of my stories this week but have to work extra hours:(

16 Dec 2009 14:50

I'd really need some inspiration

09 Dec 2009 11:54

tired after a long day at work listening to Way Out West (as a warm up as I'll see they in a few days)

04 Dec 2009 07:46

tired after shopping all afternoon at the x-mas market and shops, gone cooking now

03 Dec 2009 11:25

waiting for approval on my festive story. I've been sweating blood with that one....