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Topic someone watching you
Posted 29 Oct 2015 14:58

Oh I love an audience and I definitely would keep going and try to make it even hotter to watch:)

Topic Which story would you recommend from Lush?
Posted 23 Oct 2015 18:45

I would recommend any story by Goodhusband, he is a wonderful writer.

Topic How do you feel when you are called a "Slut"
Posted 14 Oct 2015 18:10

With my lovers I love it when they call me a slut or a Whore:) It means that I have pleased them and I love that more than anything;)

Topic How many of you gals are into inter-racial sex..
Posted 13 Oct 2015 16:34

I am Japanese so just about every man I have had sex with has been an interracial experience for me:) But I do like nice black guys a lot and of course white guys and some others as well.. Surprisingly I have had sex with only a few Asian guys and only three other Japanese men.. But there is still time!!

Topic How do you react when you see a guy with a bulge?
Posted 02 Sep 2015 18:13

I would like it, especially if I knew I caused itdancenude

Topic Length vs Girth
Posted 02 Sep 2015 18:07

Thick is better for me but if I have a long and thick one that is the best!!

Topic What's the biggest age difference between you and someone you had sex with?
Posted 31 Aug 2015 18:24

Well I am 43 and my youngest lover is 18 so that is 25 years and my oldest lover is 65 so that is 22 years. So if I add 25 and 22 together its 47!! Is that a record? Hehe!!!

Topic threesome : which one you prefer FFM/FMM/FFF/MMM ?
Posted 08 Jul 2015 17:59

I prefer MMF but MFF are also fun for me3some

Topic What does your username mean?
Posted 31 May 2015 13:44

I think I have answered this one before but here it is again AnnieLuvsTofu - It means, Annie (thats me) Loves To Fuckbootyshake And I do too!!!.

Topic Have you ever fucked two different people in a day?
Posted 25 May 2015 17:24

Oh yes:) Many times!!

Topic Who would you like to fuck that you know, but haven't ......yet?
Posted 25 May 2015 17:21

My Brother in LawEmbarassed

Topic do you believe in God?
Posted 19 May 2015 17:35

I do.

Topic make love or get fucked
Posted 17 May 2015 19:30

Both, I love to make love with my husband and a very special young man and loved to get fucked by my lovers and friends.

Topic Do women like to get their asses licked
Posted 17 May 2015 10:18

I love it and like to get fucked in my ass too.

Topic what's the biggest cock that you have ever encountered? (indicate the size)
Posted 17 May 2015 10:16

My hubby is 9" so I have gotten used to larger cocks and I have a friend who is almost 12" and I can take him in both my holes and it fills me up so good and I love it! And his cum is yummy too!!

Topic Shaved penis and balls.
Posted 03 May 2015 16:34

Mmmm, I much prefer clean shaven cocks and balls. All my men are clean shavenbootyshake

Topic Ladies do you like having your ass fingered during sex or is that a no no?????
Posted 30 Apr 2015 17:18

I love it! Its even better with another cock up my ass and the other in my pussyicon_smile

Topic What Do You Think About Interracial Sex?
Posted 14 Apr 2015 17:16

I am Asian (Japanese) and most of the men and women I have been with are either Caucasian or Black and I love it so I am just fine with interraciallove10

Topic Is there a too big?
Posted 09 Apr 2015 17:04

If there is, I haven't found it!!

Topic being shared
Posted 04 Apr 2015 14:21

I am a shared wife and I love it! I love the variety of different men and women as well and my husband loves watching me with other men and he gets so turned on! It's not for everyone I know but for us it is perfect!

Topic What happened to GoodHusband?
Posted 27 Mar 2015 19:52

I think he is dealing with some personal issues now and I respect his privacy and hope it all works out well.

Topic Threesome - You and two guys
Posted 27 Mar 2015 17:47

Haha! I love it and more than two is better!!

Topic Why swallow?
Posted 27 Mar 2015 17:41

Well, I l love cum and besides it show respect for my lover.

Topic true stories
Posted 25 Mar 2015 17:33

All of my stories are true stories.

Topic Watch a man cum or not?
Posted 24 Mar 2015 17:46

I love to watch a man cum and see it spurt out of his cock! It's a huge turn on for me.

Topic Ever switched partners and watched your spouse fuck someone else? What was it like?
Posted 24 Mar 2015 17:44

Yes and it is always wonderful! I love to see the expressions on her face as my hubby's big cock fills her upbootyshake

Topic Women react to cock pics
Posted 24 Mar 2015 17:43

Like most women, if some guy sends me an unsolicited picture of his cock he gets deleted...

Topic eating cummy pussy
Posted 14 Mar 2015 11:52

I think it is the most intimate act my husband can do for me and he has eaten his own cum and cum from other men out of my pussy and I always love it!

Topic What is Your Favorite Sexual Act
Posted 08 Mar 2015 14:32

I love it in my ass Embarassed

Topic would you go to bed with a man with one testicle, have you?
Posted 28 Feb 2015 17:08

Why not? I haven't but there is no reason that I wouldn't.