anth9012's Blog Entries

23 Nov 2012 03:29

should have my own wifi by monday

16 Nov 2012 05:37

may not have internet for the next few days/weeks
but rest assured i will use this time to write the next part to 'my hot neighbours' and maybe some of my other stories

03 Nov 2012 14:19

if i have sent you a request, please accept so we can chat, lush is telling me my messages can't be sent, as i have reached my message limit :L

31 Oct 2012 19:46

who wants to take a ride

31 Oct 2012 19:13

hope lush approve my stories soon, written part 2 of student becomes the master, and one more you may enjoy if you have any requests or ideas for another story, let me know maybe you could be in it

29 Oct 2012 11:20

just submitted my latest story, hopefully it will be available for you all to read soon,

26 Oct 2012 07:11

you turn my software, into hardware can i plug into your slot?

16 Oct 2012 16:20

if you rate/read my stories, please comment with your feedback thank you

15 Oct 2012 04:35

your soft pinky should meet my hard brain

14 Oct 2012 13:11

14 Oct 2012 13:00

finally written chapter 2 of cousins get to know each other, let me know what you think please comment with your opinion

14 Oct 2012 07:33

come suck my dick ladies

07 Oct 2012 07:54

beauty and love can be described in many ways
but true beauty and true love is one that catches your mind and heart simultaneously when you cant explain it no matter how hard you try

07 Oct 2012 04:02

has the strangest urge to fuck a gymnast any offers?

28 Sep 2012 10:12

naughty ladies turn my software into hardware

25 Sep 2012 09:19

i am thinking some female company would be a very good thing now any takers?