First Time(4)


A lesson she won't forget

I gave her a lesson neither of us forgot

Our senior school was a bit behind on the premise of sexual education lessons. In the three years I had been there we had only ever had one lesson, which never really explained much. Of course most of us at our age knew plenty, thanks to porn and cheap alcohol. Some students however were a little behind on the knowledge, my friend Rose was one of them. She had done as much research as...Read On


My Hot Neighbors - Part One

I fucked my neighbour's hot daughter

It had been a few months since the new neighbors had moved in, as far as I knew it was just the two women, a mother and daughter. Now I will tell you this, the mother was smoking hot, curves in all the right places, big juicy firm tits that she liked to show off with low cut tight tops, a juicy tight firm ass, and legs that seemed to never end. You would never guess she had a 17 year...Read On


The student becomes the master part 2

a weekend ill never forget

The Student Becomes the Master Part 2 For those of you that read the first part (which is highly recommended to understand what happens next), let us recall how the last part ended. My hot teacher had made me stay behind class after I had been misbehaving, and after a bit of small talk, I screwed her fucking brains out on the desk. After I had busted my nut in her tight little pussy, we...Read On


First time friends become first time lovers

Something we both grew to love

Let me first start off by telling you about the 2 main characters (I have changed their names for privacy issues) Tom is your average 21 year old male, 5'11, brown eyes, dark brown hair and a bulky build who lives alone and works for a local factory. Debbie is 18 short at 5'4 long brown hair that goes to her midback, and 34c breasts shown off by revealing tight clothing, her ass is...Read On



My Hot Neighbours part 2

after fucking her daughter, the mother wanted some

If you have not read the first part, I highly suggest you do, After I pulled up my shorts and watched as Amy scooped of my cum out of her well fucked cunt and sucking her finger as she looked at me. Luckily it seemed she had not noticed her mother standing in the door watching us, apparently rubbing one out over watching her only daughter getting fucked by her neighbour. Once she...Read On



At The Pool

They met by chance, and it was a meeting neither would forget

It’s another hot sunny day, as you lay by the side of the pool in nothing but your hot little pink bikini. Your eyes closed and covered by sunglasses, relaxing, the warm summer breeze blowing against your firm hot body keeping you warm yet cool. Everyone must be out for the day, as you seem to be the only person there. Slowly sliding onto your stomach, you reach back to undo your bikini top...Read On

Straight Sex(3)


The Student Becomes the Master, Part 1

I had the hots for my teacher, so I fucked her

It was nearing the end of yet another boring day in college, I was thankful that it was Friday and that in a few hours the weekend would be here. As I left the second before last lesson of the day, packing my bags I remembered which class I had next, and couldn’t help but smile. You see around about mid-term the regular I.T teacher had gotten sick and had to leave us, which wasn’t...Read On


A hot night

A night filled with hot sex

I press you against the wall, lost within the passion of our kiss, tongues dancing around each others. My hands begin their exploration of your hot young body, gently rubbing and squeezing your breasts through your top and bra, before quickly taking your top off over your head and slowly beginning to lick down your neck. I run the tip of my tongue across the top of your bra-covered breasts as...Read On


The way to end a night

random encounter

I was celebrating my 18th birthday and decided to go to a nearby party in a field. There were two tents; one for the beer and the other for live bands and such. I was alone to begin with but as always randomly bumped into people I knew. I spent the night walking around between the two tents drinking and making random conversations. In between drinks I even managed to snog or fool around...Read On