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thanks to those who have read my latest story and voted 5's

04 Jan 2011 23:33

who of the 7 voters for spin the bottle spoilt my 100% record - lol

15 Dec 2010 04:21

i hope everybody enjoys my latest story

15 Nov 2010 22:26

I wonder how many of my story readers are aware that the pictures in my image gallery actually tie in with the characters in the stories

19 Oct 2010 21:49

Reading others comments about spelling, grammer and general writing skills, i wonder if there is any like me that actually sit naked and get highly turned on when writing their stories. Often I finish for the day masturbating over the picture I've used for inspiration and the story i am in the process of writing.

Does any other author do the same?

05 Jul 2010 23:02