My Best Friend's Wife

Sexy wife calls husband's bluff

The story starts at Andy & Sue's house. Andy and I have been watching football on the box whilst Sue has been around her mates for an Anne Summers party. When she returns we've had a couple of beers and we can tell she's had a few glasses of wine and is a little tipsy. Andy asks Sue to show us what she's brought. Looking at me Sue giggles and her face goes a little red. "Come on,"...Read On

Group Sex(3)


Spin The Bottle

Fun with a bottle, a coin and good friends

Lorelie, Robert and I have been down the local bar where we often meet and chat on a Saturday night. Lorelie and Robert are in their early 50's, whilst me, I’m 47. Robert is pale skinned and fairly slim, Lorelie is overweight but, in my eyes, has curves in all the right places. As for me I am overweight and tanned. This particular Saturday, Lorelie and Robert invite me around to their...Read On


The Camera Club

One Members Wife Offer To Model For Glamour Shoot

The camera club is just a group of guys who live in the neighbourhood. We meet up once a month for a few beers and to share and discuss the photos we are all most pleased with from the weeks in between. There is nothing serious about us, just a bit of fun. The club consists of Bob, 38, and at 5'9" and 15st a bit on the chubby side with a white complexion. Then there is Mark, the youngest at...Read On


The Modeling Session

Photo Shoot For Clothing Turns Into Fun

I responded to an advert for mature, larger sized models. It said no experience necessary, and the photo shoot was local, so I thought what the hell, I could do with a bit more cash. I e-mailed a photo to the agency, and within a couple of hours got an appointment, Saturday at 1100. On the morning, I went to the address I had been given and found it was a large country house. I signed...Read On



The African Holiday

What starts as an errand turns out to be very enjoyable

My wife and I regularly go to the Gambia in west Africa for a bit of winter sun. We always stay in the same 4* hotel, and normally the same block over looking the pool area. Over the years we have got to know several of the other regular guests, most of whom are mature women, nicely curved and big breasted. All be it, often saggy, but hell, I still think they look delicious. Anyway on...Read On



A Hot Day In The Garden

A Favour For My Aunite Turns Out Different

My “auntie” Carole asked me around to have a look at a tree in her garden that she needs cutting right back and the rubbish removed. She is not my proper auntie but an old friend of my mother’s, who over the years she had got as close to the family as any of my proper aunties. Her hobby is tending her lovely garden and as I have a pick up truck I agree to help. In her mid-fifties she is...Read On


The Amateur Camera Man

A couple invite a stranger to film them having sex

A story inspired by a regular user on NN, who announced that she and her husband were going on a road trip and were hoping to contact an amateur cameraman to film their exploits in the bedroom. The story started with Holly and I corresponding through an amateur website called Newbie Nudes, nice comments at first, then swapping photos, video footage and writing erotic stories to each other. ...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Working Away

Couple Meet At A Works Forum

My company have sent me to a management forum for my line of work. Whilst there I get talking to Holly, who works in another regional office. Neither of us wanted to come, but as luck would have it we meet fairly early in the day, and whilst most of the delegates are taking themselves far to seriously we have a bit of a laugh and joke and generally enjoy the day the best we can. At the end...Read On



Caught In The Act

Peeping Tom Gets Caught Punished

It is a nice warm morning, even though it is only 8.30. I have just had my breakfast, and the wife has left to take her mum out for the day. So, in just my shorts, I stroll down to my workshop. I plan to spend the day gardening, but first I need to water the plants on the bench by the workshop window. As I water I gaze into the gardens of the houses that back onto ours. Lucy, on the left,...Read On


The Peeping Tom - Day Five

Day Five Of My Leave And Yet More Voyeurism

As I work away in the garden my thoughts keeping returning to the morning. What a show Trevor and Elaine had put on for me, fucking in the window like that, knowing the entire time I was watching and wanking over them. At the same time though I wondered of the repercussions, would they tell the other neighbours of my dirty secret. Would they tell my wife? How would I face them next time I...Read On


The Peeping Tom - Day Four

Day four, and i get to spy on another neighbour with surprising effect

Day four and I take my place in the attic, stripped naked and sat looking out of the slightly open window. To my right the college girl’s light is on and I just catch her slipping off her pyjama top to reveal her pert, pinkie, little tits, but today she is in a hurry. Barely did I have my hand on my cock when she has done her bra up and is in the process of slipping it around her body...Read On


The Peeping Tom - Day One

Short Stories of a peeping tom getting his kicks

My story is inspired by my lovely neighbours, all of whom I have seen in a state of undress on numerous occasions. If I could, I would love to thank them for going about their daily business without closing their curtains. The story is fictional but each character is based upon the varied, but beautiful bodies and features of the women whose windows I overlook. The story starts on a...Read On


The Peeping Tom - Day Three

Day three of my week of peeping and another neighbour turns me on

The peeping tom – day three Compared to the other days so far this week I am late to get into the attic, it is nearly 08:30 . I open the window as normal, but I am not naked and ready to go, in all honesty I think I’ve missed the boat and everybody will be up and dressed and going about their business. I scan the neighbouring houses and there seems nothing is going on, but then, by...Read On


The Peeping Tom - Day Two

Day Two, Another Neighbour Entertains The Peeping Tom

To fully appreciate the story it is better that you have read day one prior to this chapter. It is 07:20 when the wife leaves to go to work and as I take my place in the attic again, I open the window just in time to see the college girl in her window in her skirt and bra, putting on her blouse. I am in just my bathrobe, which I slip off, sitting down naked next to the little table with my...Read On


The reward

Husband offers his wife in reward for odd jobs

Jel, Jim and I are sitting in their garden having a beer, it's a warm sunny day and I have been helping out with some gardening work. Jel and Jim are in their mid-30's, and me, 45.  Jim had, had an accident at work, which for a year, although fully mobile, he was not to do any heavy physical work. As I lived right opposite and on my own, I had been helping out for the last few months...Read On

Wife Lovers(3)


Mirror, Mirror

Surprise, Holiday, Mirror Image, Sex

Angie and I were staying at a friend's caravan in a holiday park, right opposite was another caravan, in mirror image. (IE, The doors and windows directly faced each other). During the week we had got to know Dianne, who was staying in that caravan and had many a long chat as we sat around in the gap between the caravans, enjoing the sun. Dianne was in her 60's, with a well maintained,...Read On


More than Ian bargined for

When Ian gets his wife to flash his mate, he didn't expect the outcome.

Ian and Susanna are friends, and occasionally I pop around and help them do some work on their garden. In return they would spark up the barbeque and provide the beers. Ian is a white guy in his mid-fifties, bit overweight, but with a full head of hair. Susanna is quite a bit younger, in her late thirties, lovely black hair, and an Asian look to her face and skin colour. This particular...Read On


The Tease

Sunday Afternoon's Fun Has A Twist

It's a Sunday afternoon and I am looking forward to having some weekend fun with the wife Angie. Recently we have been playing a few additional games before having sex, like doing a photo shoot or slowly undressing in front of each other etc. Today though she surprises me. She went to an Ann Summers party during the week, and she has waited until now to tell me she's brought some...Read On