Group Sex(5)


Force or Love? (2)

Chapter Two - Falling in love

Jack had stroked himself to a little restful sleep. A sudden thunder far away on the horizon and few drops of rain, woke him up. He looked towards Becky, who lay next to him, naked, breathing heavily with her eyes closed. She looked so beautiful. He turned to his side facing Becky while he stroked his hardening cock. He couldn't believe what Becky did to him. Just a mere look at her made...Read On


Force or Love? (3)

Chapter Three - A thoughtful day and a restless mind.

Becky entered her room, a completely confused person. She couldn’t make out how she felt. Just yesterday night she had felt the worst ever. She had broken up with her two-timing fucker of a boyfriend. She had come here to clear her thoughts and to take the step towards going on with her life. As she had gone on to the beach, she ended up being fucked by two lovely strangers. And though...Read On


Force or Love? (4)

Chapter Four - Close Contact

Becky woke up refreshed but still confused. She sat up on her bed and switched the TV off. She got up and went into the balcony. “I can’t go on like this,” wondered Becky, “How long am I going to lock myself here and avoid the two most awesome guys in the world.” She had taken a long break from her job and come here for a long vacation. She was grateful to her boss for being so...Read On


Force or Love? (5)

Chapter 5 - Fall in love all over again

Jack felt an intense satisfaction fucking Becky. He muttered something about cleaning up and left shortly after getting dressed. But Garrett hung around. He felt a tug at his heart. He didn’t want to be parted from Becky. Garrett went closer to Becky. Her body was still warm from the fuck fest. He sat next to her as she lay on her bed, smiling with satisfaction. Garrett knew that the more...Read On


Forced or Love! (1)

Chapter One - A Fantastic Treat

It was early morning. The sun was just rising on the horizon. The beach was empty of people. The white sand, soft and untouched. The waves of the ocean gently touched upon the sands and retreated. It was a secluded beach behind the huge rocky expanse which separated it from the civilization. Not visited by many, the beach was a nice get away for a stray couple once in a while. Today...Read On