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I am spending the winter in Australia, the heat of the dry desert air heals all pain. I hope to start writing soon, if the auditors at Lush ease up on my lack of proper literature. Hope all is well with my fellow erotic writers.

25 Dec 2013 20:53

to al.............
not sure if any of you know but last december i was in a very bad truck accident..........i was in the hospital for seven weeks and am only now feeling strong enough to do anything........needless to say my truck and the oil tanker that hit me are gone............but the most wonderful news is that my best friend kizzie is ok as well............we are home now.....trying to get our lives and health back...............hope all is good with everyone...........peace.............Z

09 Apr 2012 09:02

I have been very busy of late, getting the little farm ready for winter. I hope to be able to spend more time in Lush in a week or so. Zybeath

22 Nov 2011 17:37

i cant not begin to tell you ( who ever you are ) how great i feel about being involved in LUSH. To everyone who has read and commented on "My Aunt and her son" thank you XXX Zybeath

11 Nov 2011 12:52

It was such an amazing feeling to log on and see my first story in Lush. I hope to write a lot more and continue to explore my sexuality. Thank you to the people who read the story. Ps It is a true story.

08 Nov 2011 04:30

I just re submitted my first story ( rejected once ) hopefully it will be ok. I am soooooooooo wet from writing it. Hope someone reads it. If you do please let me know what you think.

07 Nov 2011 10:56

I struggle with my relationships, not sexual, or specificly with men or women, it is just with people. I do not think I am too hard on people, its just that I mostly feel that I give more than I am offered in return. I have limited access to computer time, so I hope that this site, will allow me to explore and to better understand how I interact with people. I live in solitude, by design, it is basic to a painter to be able to totally let the painting take over your life. For the days or weeks that you stand in front of an emerging soul, you (I) am at peace. I tried to write a story ( a poor and rejected offering to Lush ), however I am joyed in knowing my paintings are a part of peoples lives in every country I have worked. Peace Zybeath

06 Nov 2011 17:52