First Time(2)


Jesse and Dylan

             Please leave me a comment, this is my first story here and I want to know what you all think of it, please let me know about any modifications or improvements you think I should make.  Thank you! Enjoy!           It was late when he finally came home that night. The cold had driven him home earlier than normal; it was almost time for the first snow to come again in...Read On


Mitch and Amber

A moment of lust can change everything

What the hell was she thinking? Amber had done it she had agreed to go on a weekend trip with a man she hardly even knew; she hadn’t even met the man in person.   They met six months ago online and after the first few conversations they had been intimate with one another.   She still didn’t know if she should be ashamed of herself or just be accepting of her behavior.   Her thoughts...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Colin and Mac

Colin is in for the surprise of his life

Sitting in a cold room agonizing over the exact curvature of his lips, should they be more angular and hard or more giving and soft?   His eyes should be a piercing blue that could cause a woman to lose her very thoughts.   His body should be hard yet soft enough to give when she curled up next to his heat on a cold wintry night like tonight.               Macayla, Mac...Read On