aramis's Blog Entries

14 Aug 2016 06:01

I don't know about you, but I have little to NO respect for anyone who posts strategically-cropped pictures of porn stars in their gallery and claim that they are actual pictures of them. Not mentioning any names, but there are more than a few here who do that. NO RESPECT.

29 Jun 2016 11:19

My thanks to Sprite for the quick manner in which she addressed and handled my protest over the editing of one of my stories! She was on it faster than a speeding bullet, and the situation has been resovled to my satisfaction! Thank you again, Sprite!

28 Jun 2016 12:56

To say that I am super PISSED right now is an understatement! I just took a look at my story, "A Sensual Awakening" and saw all of the changes that the moderator, JWren made, and he made so many UNNECESSARY and NEEDLESS editorial changes that it's no longer MY story, but HIS story! This is BULLSHIT, Lushstories! Total and complete BULLSHIT!!!