Straight Sex(2)


A Good Hard Lesson

A Catholic schoolgirl gets an extra special lesson from her teacher

THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. Mr Collins hated Mondays. It's well known that most people hate Mondays but Antony Collins loathed them; it meant the start of another week teaching rebellious, ignorant, hormonal teenage girls. Everyone had told him that teaching at a Catholic school would be a dream, but clearly they'd never taught at St Anita's. He was sure they were worst than any public...Read On


Another Good Hard Lesson

Alex and Antony have another afterschool session, but they're not alone this time...

For the prequel to this story go to:  You can do this… You can do this…You can do this… Teacher, Antony Collins had been thinking this all day, over and over again as he prepared for his English class later that afternoon with the sixth formers. With Alex. Unbidden, the memories of what they’d done a couple of days before came flooding back to him yet again, her soft,...Read On