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Topic Are breast implants a turn-off or turn-on?
Posted 21 Apr 2010 11:04

I believe we all believe that... oh forget it, how can complete such a sentence... so it boils down to being subjective.

Since we discussed the issue on the personality feats too, I would just say that I have a very bad feeling about implants, and it's all because of a very very bad dream. The "nightmare" included some kind of "living substance" moving under my skin, and doctor was trying to nail it down using his lancet. The wounds didn't matter, though. The feeling of "something else moving under my skin" felt very... unpleasant.

I have never been with someone who has breast implants, but I am sure that same feeling will awaken inside me as soon as I touch them. So I would prefer to stay away.

Of course, this is just the result of a bad personal experience... subjective to the bottom.

Topic Fun Little time waster
Posted 21 Apr 2010 08:29

In my third try, I could get a 84% and pretty good score. It's just like real fly bashing, you just have to move slow, instead of fast, until you deliver the killing blow. And a little trick is to "slide" the weapon! as you hit. Aproach the flies from left side of the screen, and aim a little towards their left. And when you smash it, just pull a little bit righ. %84 in 33 seconds netted me a "very good" score.

Now, on to advanced training of fly-hunting. As you may already now, flies have eyes that can see all around (almost 180, with a blind spot towards back.) However, their sight is not "that" good towards up. They still see pretty well, but their responses to aproach from above (or directly below; however this is rare as they should be flying to make use of this angle) Thus our weapons work well when we aproach from above.

And using a plastic ruler I had very good results in the past, because it was transparent. Combining this fact with lowered visual senses towards above, I was able to clear my sisters room in short amount of time from the swarm of nasty flies, without waking her up.

Howeveri they have an additional defence that you have take into consideration, and it's those little hair all over their body. When you move a flat surface towards the fly in high speed, you create a ripple, or a wave which has a beginning point aproximately 2 cm ahead of the actual surface. When this "shockwave" hits the fly before the surface of your weapon, these little hairs vibrate and fly jumps to flight instinctively, without thinking. This is something like we do when we accidentally touch a hot surface.

Thus, many anti-fly weapons have small holes on them, to reduce the size and strength of surface.

Oops, I have to go. I will keep up my lecture on advanced fly hunting as if I have nothing better to do in the soon future.

Topic Who can turn me on in 100 words or less? STORY CHALLENGE
Posted 21 Apr 2010 03:22

“Keep it steady. The sword is in your hand; do not fear it. Let your opponent be afraid.”
She tried to look threatening, but she could feel her arms shaking. She noticed him moving behind her, his arms reaching her hands from both sides. In a moment, she was in his brace. She could feel blood and heat rushing between her legs as their bodies collided.
“Like this, and this” in two quick moves he led her to cut imaginary opponents, and now their arms were raised, their bodies pressed together.
His breath lingered on her neck.
The sword fell.

Hope it works. I know it worked at least once.

Topic Simple Pleasures
Posted 15 Mar 2010 04:54

umm... I don't know if these are weird or not... but.. lets see.

It's hard to explain, I will do my best. You see we have two thumb fingers in our hands. Right above the thumb fingers nail is a small, sensitive area. I like rubbing my other hands thumb to this sensitive area. It's like touching silk, but is much more intimate. The best result comes when I rub a beautiful ladies thumb nail to my thumbs sensitive spot... Oh god this sounded so awkward.

I like the sound of rain of some metallic roof, or on the hood of my raincoat.

When I wear a long jacket or cape (I have one!) I like the wind blowing past my legs. I like all kinds of winds actually, from small breezes to disasterous storms. Wind just... slaps air onto our face, the truth that things we cannot see actually exist.

Topic Post groundless lies about the person above
Posted 15 Mar 2010 04:46

Stuart is indeed a lycanthrope. He actually thought he was a werewolf, until one day he saw his reflection in a water pond. Since that day, he keeps posting his own picture but says it's his dog.

Topic Picture me.
Posted 10 Mar 2010 01:31

well, the second one looks like two people on a sofa, one of them smoking. The third one I have seen before, two mexicans peeing a wall? But the first one I have no idea at all.

Topic Biggest splash of water ever
Posted 13 Aug 2009 03:55

I hope no dolphins have died... Otherwise, my wrath would have... oh who am I kidding... We as humanity suck.

Posted 28 Jul 2009 09:11

I really enjoyed them :D

Topic It's Morning In The Pub
Posted 28 Jul 2009 08:55

I somehow couldn't like buggs bunny at all. I especially do not like him during my morning daze. All feelings are magnified and then applied to a selective filter around me. Those which pass through decide what my day is going to be like, those which can not still make noises so that I don't forget them completely.

Yeah... Coffee to solve it all! Removes buggs bunny, daze, feelings, filters, noises...

Topic Favorite Word?
Posted 28 Jul 2009 05:32


It always puzzled me, almost in all the languages around the world, no matter what their origins are, it's almost the same.

Zucker, sugar, şeker, Şakir, sucre, even in latin, saccar (saccarites)

Topic The Do's and Dont's Of Having sex ?
Posted 21 Jul 2009 10:32

Don't just lay there as if you are paralysed. Only exception is the paralyse from pleasure. If that's the case don't forget the sounds.

Do tell how you feel about what I do. Encourage or stop, or change the flow of the river!

Don't, Don't DO NOT EVER TRY TO PUT THAT FINGER INTO MY ANUS! I will break it and improvise it as a vibrator for yourself so that you can please yourself in the dark 3 feet cube hole I bury you in for the rest of your life... Wow... Is that really me? Ok.. Calming... Just... dont even take it close.

Don't change your voice and act like a child.

Do rake my back with your nails when you feel like. It's in fact a pride to carry those scars. And bite too. Not extremely hard, but not just landing teeth either.

Topic Christians v Atheists
Posted 08 Jul 2009 04:18

There were times when no social conspiracies could have existed. Where we were advanced animals, hunting, mating, howling. Even then, something inside us made us search for more, and believe for more. It began by worshipping the sun, or the fire, or the lightning, or the wind, or the earth... Long before supposed leaders were trying to figure out methods to drive their minions over their enemies.

The truth, and the way we interpret it, is not always the same thing. In fact, maybe it rarely is. There are answers that only one can give himself/herself, such as if he/she is in love, and he/she believes in a superior creator. So basically you listen, read what is told, analyse it, observe things for yourself, mix them with your own feelings and your experiences, and come to a result. As long as this is between you and you, it doesn't matter what you believe in. Things only get screwed up when you try to impose this belief to someone else for war, money, asimilation etc. which has been done millions of time, which has nothing to do with the truth itself. (whatever it is.) So maybe you don't believe in god. Ok. Just don't scream "jesus!" or "oh my god" when you see a lightning striking a man a few meters ahead of you and survive without harm. Just stay calm and express the situation like "interesting coincidance, dude..." and keep walking.

Believing in something greater, a creator is maybe the result of looking into oneself, maybe. One tends to believe he/she has a much greater potential inside him/her somehow, the feeling of being a part of something much more greater. Being parted, or being given life from something. This helps you when you are alone in the dark and an unseen enemy is stalking you, or when you are a pilot and lose two engines at the same time with 200 passengers behind, or when you are a scientist at chernobyl and alarms go wild. Again, how you interpret this feeling is not neccesarily the truth. You may sit calmly and say "whatever god wishes, is going to happen" and let the plant blow up, or "my god, give me power to save these people!" and land the plane on water sliding, without harm to anyone.

Basically, when we were not so much dependent on our technology and society, we were a much more spiritual race. It is undeniable; life is something magical. But being sentient... if you are careful at analysing, you can notice that an evolution pyhsically can be easily explained, but an evolution of mind is not the same thing.

Answer to presence of god? Well.. who cares except you? What if your neighbour believes in sun, or goats, or flies, or toilet pumps. as long as this is between him and him, that is. When you cross this line, no matter what, it is no longer religion, or a belief. It is a fight.

Topic Left Wing Conspiracy Theorists inside here
Posted 08 Jul 2009 02:06

Psst.. people... I think I figured it out... It's really, really a conspiracy, but that thing dates back.. much more than you can imagine...

So let me tell you everything, from the "beginning."

There was nothing at first, nothing to describe, not even space, and nothing to take as a referance point. Suddenly something was introduced, and interacting with "nothing" it all blew up to a swirling dust of cloud in the universe, enlarging faster than light.

It became slower, and the dust particles that were going to form our universe began to gather in large quantities, still rotating and swirling. It kept this way for about a million or so years...

Topic Once a cheater, always a cheater?
Posted 26 Jun 2009 01:09

I hope It resolves out fine for you. You are welcome.

Topic An Interview with Smiler77
Posted 26 Jun 2009 00:11

Finally I saw this too. How can one not admire such a mind? And that smile? I love getting lost in her complex mind. Thanks Smiler.hello1

Topic Things you would never write about.
Posted 25 Jun 2009 23:15

I could only read it up to small animal part. I love that small red x button. It is handy.

Topic Things you would never write about.
Posted 25 Jun 2009 23:11

What I can write is actually limited by what I can put myself into. To write fictional things, I switch on my universe simulator in my brain, entering variables to the machine about the universe I wish the subject will be on. after this, I create every character or participant in the story... But how can we create something we do not have the raw materials for? So what I create in my mind is a part of me. I shrink myself into a 1cm cube zone in my brain, and everywhere else is the characters, events, flow of time. They are basically out of my control... my only control on what I write is the variables I enter first, and the raw materials which I build the subjects. after I press "start" everything can happen.

So this can lead to everything that can be composed of what I have inside me. It is... probably everything that can be imagined.

What I can't write is... the remainin 1 cm cube. And maybe, some real events that my universe simulater v.490398430948 has no effect on. Maybe the next update will cover these issues.

But, surely, there can be some subjects I can write on but can't share with anyone... That's what diaries for right?

Topic If You Woke Up With The Person Above You What Would Be The First Thing You'd Say?
Posted 25 Jun 2009 22:57

Promise you WILL bite.

Topic If You Woke Up With The Person Above You What Would Be The First Thing You'd Say?
Posted 25 Jun 2009 18:15

oh you are leaking again... let me fit the plug in again...teh he hee.

Topic What's The Point Of Wearing A Helmet?
Posted 25 Jun 2009 18:05

hmmm.. they can always fall towards the rocks, trying to keep away from the cliff. I understand them. They probable have no other aspects to reach girls, so they do it and take photos. They show it in the bar, and the girls still run away. They will never solve the mystery.

I really, really hope they do it in the name of extreme biking. I can respect that... If I force myself hardly enough.

Topic Summertime!
Posted 25 Jun 2009 18:00

Oh so lovely... youth... still some innocence... heads leaning like birds...Boo hoo!

Are you back, ali?

Topic Once a cheater, always a cheater?
Posted 25 Jun 2009 17:54

All in my humble opinion... and my twisted mind.

It's about the world you choose to live in.

If the world you live is the one where one guy and girl meets, and they fall in love in the holiest way, never even landing an eye on others... If you believe love should be like it is in the old stories, which never tell more then the part which all difficulties are defeated and they "lived happily ever after"... If you think and trust that, you yourself too will never get bored of him no matter what happens, and you can keep fucking him for the next 30 years straight.... If you think that men should be perfect, without mistakes, and never wanting anything else then you... and you think you are such a person that you deserve to live in such a world with such a man... Then do not forgive him. Keep seeking for the perfect guy. One advice: don't give up searching after all the years. Instead of giving it up when it becomes too late, live with the dignity of being a true believer of love. I might seem to be critisizing (I dont know if such a word exists) this option too much, but in fact it is the one I chose. Not because of the love itself, but because I have a never ending, totally hopeless war with the motivations of the new era, which keep destroying all the human aspects like "honor" , "trust" , "modesty" , "the good fight" etc etc... the love is in the list too.. So ... the enemy of my friends is my enemy... or kinda like that.


If you live in the world where people live like they do in the lush stories in this site, free to do everything they wish to do, as long as they keep up with some rules, like telling the truth (which does not always mean honesty) in the right time. If you believe that sudden urges and basic instincts and chromosomes and pheromones have the right to overcome mental will at some points during life, and this can be understood and accepted... If you think that you also want to live "free" like that but you just don't do it because of what people around you might think of you... If you think that "the harmony between him and you" (or to be more precise: his hormones, flesh and genetical material is in harmony with your's) means much more than his trials to satisfy some animalistic feelings... If you believe love is, two people which chose to stay together no matter what else happens, no matter which mistakes the other one does... If you believe no one can be perfect, and everyone, including you might do such mistakes (including the cheating part and the lying part)... and If you belive, you will not feel bad, or make him feel bad when you two try to have sex again, then forgive him. As a part of this "forgiving ritual" you can act coquettish, you can sulk, you can ask for nearly impossible things for you to forgive him, rising the bar carefully to the point he is about to give up, and then forgive him when he least expects it... creating a kind of seal that he will follow you pheromone trail for years.

Oh well... sometimes you have to chose one of the two bad options. This is one of such situations, maybe. No matter what you chose to do, just do not feel regret. Ever. Regret rots you inside. Regret takes away all the values, all the good parts in your past memories with the source of regret. If you regret not forgiving him, you will not remember the happy moments of your relationship ever with the same vividness, and all the time will be spent for nothing. Only an ash storm will remain, choking you whenever you think about it. I know it. The most important part is not the decision at this point. It is the part of not regretting.

Topic Veterinary Humor
Posted 23 Jun 2009 02:36

Teh heh he. This one is was a little language based, so no such joke in Turkish :)

Arthropodology professor found and interesting final test method. He takes one insect between his two fingers, covering the front part, and showing the student only the back of the bug, asking for identification.

So basically, it worked like this.

Student comes in.

Prof shows the back of the insect
"Identify this"
"Chiroptera Luguganga"

So one of the students is taking the test for years and years, always failing. He finally decides to end it for all.

Student comes in
Student turns back, unbuttons his pants, slides them down along with his underwear to his foot, showing his ass to prof.
"Identify this"

Topic Veterinary Humor
Posted 23 Jun 2009 00:24

Well... Humor is hard to translate, I hope it works out. I don't know if these jokes are all over the world, but they are pretty common here. (Turkiye) I beg your pardon if I waste your time by jokes you already knew.

Anatomy proffessor is mad at the whole class during the final test. Vets take anatomy as a first year lesson but it's so hard that most fail, and must succeed the test in five years.

So many students fail that five classes are full of students, without any seat open. The Anatomy proffessor shakes his head. Angrily he speaks:

"I can't believe how incompetent you all are. If I tied a donkey to this class and explained anatmoy for five years, even it could pass!"

one of the students can't hold himself

"keep it tied for five more years and it becomes a proffessor."

Topic True x 2
Posted 23 Jun 2009 00:15

HRRRRR.... This made me a growling dolphin. Be careful around growling dolphins. They tend to eat CHILDREN GRRAAAWWWW....

In my free time, I work as a servant that free people from the burden of their choices. Forever.

Topic What is Your Favorite Movie?
Posted 23 Jun 2009 00:08

I'm so much into Pan's Labyrinth nowadays. I want to watch it over and over again.

Topic Blow Jobs ;-)
Posted 22 Jun 2009 05:51

Having sex is one of the two things you do with all five senses. The other one is eating. The effect of experience is increased by the number of senses you use during it.

You touch to your partner, smell him/her, hear moans and screams and sometimes dirty talk, you taste when you kiss or go oral, and you see the naked body, the genitals, eyes, face. Wow... too scientific aproach.

Anyway, @steff : Yourblonde hair is part of the sight sense. His pleasures are onto blonde, so his oral experience with you has a nice impact of him. It is (generally) especially effective when a piece of hair swings as the partners head goes back and forth.

For me: Since what you hear is an important part, I hate to hear sounds of my partner feeling bad when, in the heat, it becomes to deep for her. Since the giving pleasure part is more important then receiving it, blowjobs feel kinda selfish to me. I only accept it when I have the chance to return the favor.

I believe the only important thing about it is to be natural thing along the way. If it doesn't feel good for any of the partners it must end.

Topic Happy Birthday Blindfolded!
Posted 22 Jun 2009 05:29

The cake is a lie, but happy birthday my first friend in lush. I don't see you online for quite some time. I hope you come back.


Topic You know its a bad day when....
Posted 22 Jun 2009 05:28

-you notice there is not enough fuel left on your car to go to the nearest gas station.
-when a friend of yours do not answer your greeting.
-when boss says the salary will be paid late again.
-when you have to shave but no water comes out of tap in the morning.
-when you see a very sexy lady with a mini and suspenders but your body doesn't react.

Topic Disney grant 10 year old girl her dying wish
Posted 22 Jun 2009 05:16


Thanks for the link. I read it thoroughly. Sad, actually. I believe in the power of human being. Power that can be used to create or to destroy, to unite or to seperate, to build or to raze. Free will. Free will is a two sided blade. with free will you can create 9th symphony when you are deaf, you can imagine lush stories when you are asexual, you can be friends with a cat when you are a dog, you can even be a captain in a country without a sea. Without free will, you can't give anything, except what you are programmed for with your genes. You can give birth, you can give protection to your child. But with free will, you can die for your child, you can chose to make great sacrifices for a person you don't even know. Basically everything you can try, because you are free.

But with freedom you can also ruin lives, you can kill, rob, harm, lie, manipulate. While the nature of good deeds depend on friendship, companions, sharing, the nature of evil deeds require selfishness, lies, manipulations, loneliness to keep all the share for oneself.

If it takes 10 man to work 10 days to build a hut, it takes one man and one day to ruin it or burn it down.
If the scale is as this, 1/10 between good and evil, the world would be in balance, evil may cause harm, good may heal wounds and keep building. In fact the natural balance could be quite close to this ratio, as being good is more common sense, as we are weak mammals who depend on eachother to stay alive, especially in the past era's. But now there is a third variable in this. The ignorant. They are so ignorant that they have lost their free will. This may have different reasons, maybe some of them are explained in "the trap". They don't build, or they don't destroy. They just exist. It is in fact quite possible that "evil" side decided to infect the population with this, so that it could swing the balance towards itself, without becoming many in numbers themselves, thus keeping consistent with the rules for it's existance.

It all forms a detailed weave, so complex in fact that without forgetting everything you have learnt, you can't even see yourself in the picture. How can you know you are not working for a "bad" company when you are just a secretary to a low level manager? Yet still you would be a part of the organism. How could you know when you are an assassin and have to kill a businesman who actually is a drug trader? And how can you decide any of these actions are good or evil, since the universe for these aspects became mutlifold and subjective?

This is why we need leaders down inside us. This is why even in democracy we want to see people that rise above us. Because only the good or bad side could create leaders. Ignorant leaders are forgatten shortly. This could be the reason for all the prophets and all the tyrants.

And now freedom... the subject itself is being attacked. who knows what our ancestors thought about freedom, or who knows what our children will think of it?