Love Poems(1)


It touches

I was drunken with sorrowful music when I wrote this

the TOUCH It touches; With malign intentions. I can't see them but I know It has your hands. My latest white hair sings Your name And it touches Where it hurts. Taints your smell Where I kept. I call time for help And the pain turns into something Resembling you Without hands And it gives me White hairs. Without hands Absence of you Touches me Through you And leaves sing With...Read On

Straight Sex(3)


Iron Lord

An ex soldier remembers what life is about in the arms of a beautiful thief.

This was no good, no good at all. She entered my life so unexpectedly, so forcefully, so inevitable that after returning home I felt like a ruin. And that’s me, so-called Iron Lord. Yeah me, the one who is barely conscious now, almost in the limit of alcohol toxicity, with another full glass in his hand. Didn’t even know what I was drinking. I betrayed. I betrayed myself, my rules, and my...Read On


Iron Lord Part 2: The decisions

Iron Lord decides he acted unprofessionally, but his decisions lead to unexpected results

I woke up first. She was still laying over me in the dark, her breasts firmly pressing onto my chest. For a second I was worried, because I generally wake up with a jump from a nightmare, but it seemed she was still asleep. I relaxed, listening to her breath and the sound of waves for about half an hour. I breathed deeply, hoping to trap an essence of her smell inside my lungs. At first...Read On


The Bus Trip to Spontaneous Lovemaking

We were in a bus trip to another city as the acting club of the university...

The true experience stories are being shared, so I wanted to share one of my... distinctive... experiences. I am a little bit scared actually, but I believe it will be worth it. It is completely real.   I believe I will have to give a little bit background first, for you to get my true emotional motivations. I will try to keep them as short as possible, not to bore you to death with...Read On


To Tomorrow

A very sick man returns to his hometown, and stumbles upon the answer to all questions.

I was sick. A very simple truth that I denied to accept during last few years but instinctively knew. Not some kind of "take-your-pills-and-it's-ok" or "surgery-and-survive" sickness. Something more sinister, more diffused through my body. Maybe even my through soul. One more time I read the e-mail that I was going to send to my boss. I really wanted to talk to him in the face, but it was...Read On