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Topic Funniest GIF marathon
Posted 07 Feb 2012 02:16

^^^ Some saw me and took a picture :(

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 07 Feb 2012 02:15

From another forum, but I mean WOW

Topic FAIL Thread
Posted 19 Jan 2012 22:17

Topic FAIL Thread
Posted 04 Nov 2011 15:41

East Preston fire station, UK

Topic Unusual places to have sex?
Posted 08 Oct 2011 08:56

underwater whilst wearing aqualungs
on top of the Big One, Blackpool (late at night closed season so security wasn't that tight, nor awake actually)
Some local dogging places although the Police can be an issue
In a crowded Pub for a bet

Topic At last Disney for Adults
Posted 24 Sep 2010 23:26

Topic What every woman wants ....
Posted 04 Jul 2010 03:23

Topic Lucky Escape!
Posted 15 May 2010 03:08

Lucky escape

Topic You just cannot make this stuff up
Posted 09 Feb 2010 15:17

hardly current is it, or do I detect capacity for resistance. Man he was wired.

I can go on you know.

Topic You'll like this!!! 747 Pilot Flying Lesson
Posted 09 Feb 2010 14:59

Kiwi star Gina Bellman - from Coupling and Leverage; both really excellent shows.

Topic Why ask why? (inexplicable picture marathon)
Posted 28 Jan 2010 07:20

^^^ use the faucet Luke


Topic Testing Bullet Proof Glass...
Posted 14 Jan 2010 07:15

You see, health and safety is overrated after-all.

Topic Dont get STUCK.
Posted 14 Jan 2010 07:13

epic fail - lol

Topic Today's Winner !
Posted 14 Jan 2010 07:12

pity her if it is a real name, think it's made-up though.

Posted 14 Jan 2010 07:06

Too funny, and also strangely sexy.

Nurse, nurse, help needed here

Topic A video for ChefK
Posted 09 Jan 2010 01:54

Great. Brought me a smile or two.

Topic Ewwwww
Posted 09 Jan 2010 01:48

The question is why? I notice the man "declined to comment".

SOUTHAMPTON, England - British firefighters called to a hospital said they spent 30 minutes using a metal grinder to free a man's penis from a steel pipe. The Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service crew said they were called to England's Southampton General Hospital Tuesday morning to use the 4 1/2-inch grinder to cut through the pipe without damaging the man's sex organ, The Sun reported. Hospital staff said they were unable to remove the pipe without assistance because the blood flow in the man's penis had become restricted and caused him to become aroused. Doctors said the man's penis was bruised and swollen after the operation but he did not suffer any serious or permanent injuries. Firefighters said the man declined to explain how his penis had become stuck in the pipe. "It was a very delicate operation that required a very steady hand and the crew was worried about things getting too hot during the cutting," a Fire and Rescue spokesman said. "It's certainly an unusual call-out and I'm sure the man won't be getting into that situation again."

Topic Difference between Woman and Man as explained in....
Posted 07 Jan 2010 02:39

the shower.

again, do not have enough posts to post link correctly so add "h.t.t.p" bit minus the periods to front of following:


Topic Nicolas Cage as everyone
Posted 07 Jan 2010 02:29

Some nice photshopping!

Sorry, dont have enough posts to add links correctly. Please add the "h.t.t.p" (minus the periods) string to the front of the following:


Topic last night!
Posted 05 Jan 2010 06:23

OMG that's disgusting.

I mean how could they?

And to post a picture of it too.

I would be so ashamed...

that my car was that dirty.

Topic Anybody get turned on by CFNM?
Posted 05 Jan 2010 06:11

yea, like the Sister never does it.

Topic Tarzan no longer needs Jane
Posted 14 Dec 2009 12:38


Topic November Fail collection
Posted 07 Dec 2009 12:29

Thanks Nicola, it wouldn't let me format the URL for some reason

Topic November Fail collection
Posted 06 Dec 2009 14:33

Some eye-watering moments....


Topic You know the holidays are coming when...
Posted 02 Dec 2009 15:20

you get the vid of this great lights display



Topic Judge Jude
Posted 29 Nov 2009 06:36

Regrettably the tight-wads in the UK haven't got Judy beyond 2002 yet, and they repeat these endlessly. Never heard of Judge Joe Brown.

Topic Tongue Tattoo
Posted 16 Nov 2009 06:45

or a good photoshop job. certainly doable in photoshop.

Topic Slightly humbling
Posted 12 Nov 2009 12:20

The total perspective vortex is nigh

Topic The easy life of a track inspector
Posted 11 Nov 2009 22:18

Topic Human rights to noisy sex, apparently
Posted 09 Nov 2009 11:34

just don't get me started...

surely the neighbours have a right too sleep?