A bus ride to remember

Destination unknown.

She was sitting there, on the other side of the bus, with that short skirt and tantalizingly tight shirt. She knew I was watching. She could almost see the lust in my eyes, even though she never once acknowledged my existence. I could see her adjust her hair and expose her delicious, almost edible neck to me. My cock forgot what it felt like to not be hard, as it continuously throbbed. I had...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Welcome Home

He returns home to a waterfall.

After a long, full week without seeing her, finally I was on my way home. My pent up frustration had left me hard since I began my journey home. Looking at her text message saying “I’m waiting for you baby, I’m so hungry ;)” I drove home like a possessed demon and charged to the door and threw it open where she was no where to be seen. Stepping in I could hear the shower...Read On