I Love You Daddy - Part 2

Master had invited his coworkers over for another dinner. This time, it was baked ziti and tomato basil soup. The apartment was in pretty good condition so I got the shopping done in time to swing by the salon to get my hair dyed a brighter blonde with red high lights. I also got my hair chemically straightened with a Brazilian blow out (and, seeing how these dinners usually go, I decided to...Read On


Lunch Rush

During the icy drive to the park my one coherent thought was 'Ferra is going to die over this'. She hadsomehow found my MSN password and arranged a trick with someone who saw one of my videos. On one hand, it involved one of my biggest fantasies. On the other, this could be bad, and not least of all because Ferra just didn't think about danger the way most people do. And of course, why didn't...Read On



I Love You Daddy - Part 1

As usual, I was the first to wake up. Master’s sluggish, heavy body was totally still, and since his cock wasn’t pushing into my side, I crawled out of bed and went to the bathroom to shower and shave. I had just finished my eye makeup (lots of blue eye shadow this morning, with thin tapers on the edges of my eyes) and was straightening my honey-blonde hair when he came in to relieve himself. ...Read On



I Love You Daddy- Part 3

The next morning, Master woke up before I did. When I finished doing my hair and makeup in the bathroom, I went straight to the living room without getting dressed. I remembered he had something serious to talk about with me and I didn’t want to appear overly guarded or haughty. I found him in the computer nook, fully dressed in one of his work suits, with the administrator page of the...Read On