Stephanie and I had gone to dinner as it was Wednesday. Stephanie is Lisa’s sub and I (Ellen) am Monica’s sub. We had our usual great time, Steph is a really sweet girl and we get along VERY well. We are part time lovers but we both prefer a nice stiff cock plunging in and out of us. A couple of weeks ago, Lisa brought Steph over to my house to watch as I was tightly bound and fucked by...Read On

Group Sex(1)



Is it always bad to go with strangers

I was walking about a mile from my house and a van that I had seen before stopped beside me. A leggy brunette opened the door and said,"You want to come with us and have some fun?" Now her voice and body posture told me what kind of fun it would be so I said, "Sure. I just need to be back here before morning." There were three men and three women in the van and one of the men asked, "Are you...Read On

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Wendy walked out to get the morning paper like she did every Saturday. She liked to drink her coffee and read it before she took a shower.She heard a motorcycle pull in the driveway as she skimmed the want ads. She got up to see who is was. "Hey Wendy!" Chad yelled as he revved the engine. "Like my new toy?" "It's nice, but loud enough to wake the dead!" she shouted back. "Hop on!" he...Read On