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11 Jan 2013 17:47

have to substantially rewrite my new story...will see when and how I can do that.

09 Jan 2013 20:48

submitted my next story...about my brother

13 Dec 2012 23:01

Dec 14: On my first business trip since I got married. Today, in the hotel, I met this gorgeous man. I am now in my room (alone). What should I do?

26 Nov 2012 06:04

shall I write about my short adventure with my older brother?

07 Jun 2012 07:11

Yen is going up and down. Boss is in panic, doesn't know what to do. But when I am on him, he doesn't mind if it goes up or down, as long as his cock doesn't slip

26 May 2012 02:13

I just uploaded what we shopped today. My boss bought it without seeing the contents of the bag. I will wear it tonite. Sorry for the low quality. It was taken with my low-res rental phone here in Singapore. The shopkeeper shot my rear view. I think my boss will like it

25 May 2012 18:34

I wish I could dance like them. They are great!

24 May 2012 21:38

on my way to Singapore with my boss for a few days work. But before that, the weekend is ours!

30 Apr 2012 20:28

Haven't had sex for a few days, but I feel I need it. My bf is coming home tonite. I hope he is not too tired....

29 Apr 2012 01:50

I didn't do anything nasty today. Just shopping with friends and drinking coffee together. My boss is busy, so no dating now.

27 Apr 2012 17:55

Saturday! It's shopping time! New, job, new friends, new money!

25 Apr 2012 18:34

From a writer's guide: Sentences are like mini skirts: The shorter, the better, but they should cover the essentials!

03 Apr 2012 06:59

I was away for a looooong time. Very difficult to explain. Just leave it like this. I am back now and will login more often. See you guys and girls.

28 Dec 2011 23:13

It's sunny, but cold here in Osaka. I wanna be with someone warm!

26 Dec 2011 22:56

I am writing part 2 of 'on my way to Paris'. Wait a few more days...

23 Oct 2011 11:12

Its Sunday nite now. We had a great party on Saturday. The deal went thru. My boss is very happy, and she showed his appreciation for me.

21 Oct 2011 22:13

Today, Saturday, we have another business meeting (I translate). If the deal goes through, we have a big party tonite!

20 Oct 2011 19:36

we are in Paris now. Woke up at 3 am because of Jetlag. Well, we had nice things to do right after that. My boss has a nice Eiffel Tower. LOL

19 Oct 2011 15:13

I am now at the airport lounge. Its Oct. 20 and I am going to Paris with my boss. Of course on business. But we also will have some fun together!

05 Sep 2011 19:37

I uploaded three pics. Pls Comment

17 Jul 2011 21:30

Japan is Number One! You western guys, never, ever think again that we Japanese are not strong! LOL, hahaha, just joking

03 Jul 2011 21:34

Back from Singapore. Now boring Osaka again

29 Jun 2011 09:20

Business trip to Singapore! Been here since Sunday. It's awesome. My boss takes me to all places: the new hotel at Marina, China Town, Little India, the Zoo....and in the evening, we have a good time. Hi my see, I can enjoy without you!

26 Jun 2011 08:42

I just submitted my first story. let's wait and see how it is received.

13 Jun 2011 06:46

My bf is a member, too, now. We had a hard time after he found out I am here. He said that a) he would leave me, b) I would leave Lush, or c) he would join Lush. Last weekend, we made up our mind.

11 Jun 2011 02:42

Oops, bf found out that I am on lush. Will have to keep low profile for a while.