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Topic Is it really possible to grow your penis??
Posted 23 Aug 2015 13:17

Embarassed Foreplay seem ed to work for me....:-" :-" :-"

Topic If you got £1/$1 every time you masturbated, what could you buy?
Posted 23 Aug 2015 11:33

marital freedom

Topic Do you ever feel a bit harrassed or annoyed at some people on lush?
Posted 23 Aug 2015 08:43

everyone on Lush annoys me. that said, i'm pretty sure i annoy everyone else .

Oh you DEFINITELY are an annoyance to me and everybody else!!evil4 evil4 evil4

Topic Do you ever feel a bit harrassed or annoyed at some people on lush?
Posted 23 Aug 2015 08:40

I learned early on to stay invisible when I'm on Lush, so no one harasses me (out of sight, out of mind). The only people on Lush who annoy me are the idiots who use the forums to feud with each other, and hijack every thread with their personal attacks on each other. SO childish!

laughing3 WHAT she says ... evil5 evil5 evil5

Posted 22 Aug 2015 03:25

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 20 Aug 2015 21:39

A very good and prolific writer and truly a lady. I'm proud to call her "friend".

Topic Do you like a kissing a girl wearing lipstick?
Posted 16 Aug 2015 09:43

{}{}{}{}{} :)


Topic Pillow talk
Posted 16 Aug 2015 09:29

Sex is more of a non-verbal communication with me. After sex, everything has been said that I want to hear. Just let me cuddle up and sigh~

laughing3 WHAT she said is true for a lot of guys I'm sure ... at least it was for me. I loved (as still long for) the warm, naked cuddle.

Topic Do you like a kissing a girl wearing lipstick?
Posted 16 Aug 2015 06:29

A kiss would be nice sometime ... with or without lipstick / gloss.crybaby Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

Topic Let's have some fun. The person above you, are they naughty or nice?
Posted 16 Aug 2015 06:18

Naughtily nice or nicely naughty ... dontknow dontknow dontknow Might be nice to find out sometimeEmbarassed Embarassed Embarassed

Topic WHO is The Biggest Flirt Upon Lush Stories?
Posted 16 Aug 2015 06:14

I saw the question and my immediate thought was Miss Giggles (aka SPRITE).

As far as guys are concerned, we don't flirt ... we just openly drool and display our lust!!

Topic Husband likes to watch me with other men. How far is too far?
Posted 08 Aug 2015 05:58

Going beyond 6 ft. distance is getting to be too far!:-" :-" :-"

Topic Lesbian or LGBT?
Posted 02 Aug 2015 07:23

even if we did have a separate forum for lesbians, it wouldn't be private. all forums are open for all readers to both view and to post in.

MISS SPRITNESS ... there IS a LADIES ONLY sectionevil4 evil4 evil4

Topic Post Selfies
Posted 02 Aug 2015 07:21

ok, you go first, tho :)

BUT your avatar IS a selfie ... pussy and all!!

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 01 Aug 2015 20:40

Innocent...never had phone sex while driving...I dont even text or talk on the phone while driving. I like living too much.

Phone sex, at all, with anyone?

I am VERY frightened by the number of people I see daily texting. I do use the phone (headset!!) while driving, but if driving gets "complicated", I'll hang up.

GUILTY: Phone sex in my humble opinion is much more real than the written cyber. ... works much better when you are using headsets and don't have to hold the phone in your hand.

Topic Would you meet someone from Lush in person?
Posted 01 Aug 2015 08:38

There are a few friends from here I would love to meet hopefully one day soon.

Embarassed You know ... that could very well be a 2-way street!!Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

Topic Steak
Posted 28 Jul 2015 17:23

MEDIUM .... as in somewhere between raw and sacrificed!!

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 28 Jul 2015 16:57


Have you ever answered the phone while having sex?

GUILTY ... and it was my Dad. He said..."you sound like you are not alone". SHORT phone call. This was over 40 years ago and with fiance`

PHONE SEX while driving?? Did you "O"??

Topic Last one is the Sexiest (Bringing back an old but much loved thread)
Posted 25 Jul 2015 07:09

It's me again.

Bring that ZEBRA back and we'll share!!

G'morning, Miss Margot!!

Topic What Would You Do If You Had A Chance Encounter With The Person Above You
Posted 25 Jul 2015 07:04

Coffee / drinks and have a nice chat. I bet we'd could find "something" in common to talk about and enjoy.

Topic What's the last thing you put in your mouth?
Posted 25 Jul 2015 06:50

still sipping my coffee!!

Topic Would you go private with the person above you
Posted 25 Jul 2015 06:49

Hiya, Jules ... I'm sure we could find something to chat about over a cup of coffee that would be mutually interesting!!

Topic Fuck or Pass???
Posted 25 Jul 2015 06:44

Gonna PASS this round!!

Topic The Age of Distraction
Posted 25 Jul 2015 06:31

Disclaimer : The following opinion is that of a middle school teacher and the parent of an adult young man whom I worked very hard to raise. I am also a teacher. I teach students in the age range of 11-14.

When my son was young, there were no tablets (iPads, Androids, etc.) The internet was just on the horizon (and I'm talking about the old dial-up dinosaur.) My son played with Legos, blocks, Lincoln Logs, stuffed toys, cars, and other stuff. As he got older, I did expose him to a computer computer and video games. When it was clear his school work was suffering, the TV was turned off, the video game was put away, & his phone was taken away until I saw the changes necessary to let him have these items back.

I can say from what I've seen... a lot of parents don't do the same. I'm not saying ALL parents... but more than I would care to see. A friend of mine has a 3 year old daughter. When the child was about 1-ish, my friend posted on Facebook that her daughter was having a meltdown because her iPad's battery had died. I had to fight to bite my tongue. Why is the "go-to" toy for a 1 year old child an iPad? What happened to a stuffed toy (teddy bear, doll, dog, whatever)?

Parents are stuffing electronic devices into their child's hands to act as the electronic babysitters. There are now 5 year-olds who don't know how to use a real book. It doesn't sing, it doesn't talk, if they touch the cover or the pages, they don't react.

I'm all for incorporating technology into education... but not for the sake of the technology. I enjoyed the nights when I read stories to my son before he went to bed. We read the same books so often I nearly had them memorized. Later, he read them to me. He does enjoy video games... and he's the king of the texting people (so kidding here... but he is of that group of people) but he can and will pick up a real book and enjoy.

Technology is not the end all solution. Kids can find the answers to any questions they have. The problem is... they don't know what is a credible source and what is crap. They are still learning that rule about everything on the internet might not be the truth, and you must check your sources and double check your facts.

Kids can think... the problem is they don't know what to believe. My 2 cents


Do teachers have "term paper" assignments anymore? Do kids have to go to the library and actually look at and handle real books? I'm sure that "education" has changed a bit over the 50 ears since I was in high school, but as it really been made better?

IMHO ... Teachers are 1/2 step away from sainthood!!

Topic Lights Off Sex - Why do some women prefer it?
Posted 19 Jul 2015 06:20

Maybe because she doesn't want to see you enjoying yourself ... same as closing her eyes during sex in the daytime~evil5 evil5 evil5

Topic Using one word describe the person above you
Posted 13 Jul 2015 21:04


Topic What's the first thing that pops in your mind when you see the avatar above you and what would y
Posted 13 Jul 2015 18:15

Love the smile / grin with hint of cheek dimple!!

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 12 Jul 2015 05:19

MISS SPRITE's comments about the poster above her also VERY MUCH apply to herself. Sprite may appear to many as shallow and sarcastic, but there is a real depth to her that this old guy (me) GREATLY admires. She is NOT to be trifled with! She is scary brilliant. I'm honored to call her "friend".... Miss Giggles!!

Topic What's the one word that pops into your mind when you see the avatar above you?
Posted 11 Jul 2015 12:42

L-A-D-Y ... pure and simple!!

Topic How easy are you?
Posted 11 Jul 2015 11:20

I've always played hard to get. coffee

laughing3 Agree with BUZ ... Unless there's something sweet to eatevil4 evil4 evil4