Erotic Poems(3)


A Simple Seduction

It all started with a simple hello on the computer screen...

“Hello,” or some such simple greeting, Is the truly innocent start to an on-line meeting. Pleasantries exchanged along with other friendly idle chat, Comments made and expounded on, Leading us to beginning to wonder, How did we get to talking about ‘that’? A place like this leads to so many topics, Some rather cryptic and others more optic. Subtle hints made that this could lead to...Read On



I like lots of buttons...

Buttons, I like lots of buttons. No zippers as they’re too fast, No snaps cause the action just doesn’t last. Buttons, I like lots and lots of buttons. Lined up like little toy sentries, That are guarding what’s hidden. Yes, buttons, I like lots of buttons. Each one carefully undone, Slowly revealing the secrets of one. Buttons, I like lots of buttons. I want to kiss and smother, What I...Read On


Reflections Of A Mirror

Mirror, Mirror, On the wall, Please protect me When I fall. Mirror, Mirror, On the floor, Of my Lover. Oh, let me see more. Mirror, Mirror, Oh so wise, Please… One lust filled gaze, Into my Lover’s eyes. Mirror, Mirror, So shining and bright, Please reflect her charms For my carnal delight!...Read On

Love Poems(9)


Your Love Nest of Desire

My desires can be found here in....

Your love nest of desire Is where I long to meet you With my heart My soul And where our spirits are combined. Your love nest of desire Is where I yearn To feel at home Communing with you in nature’s own natural way While literally being soaked with you. Your love nest of desire Is where I linger On its vestibule Awaiting your bid to enter And be welcomed with open arms. In...Read On


Angel Watching Over You


You are … Beside me … Curled up into a ball … Nestled against me Your shallow breathing … I am watching and feeling … The slow rise and fall of your chest … And hearing the soft sighs of contented slumber … It is so unlike the ragged, gasping breaths of last night’s ecstasy … When I was buried balls deep in you … Totally emptying myself … As my desire for you erupted and overflowed ...Read On


Open Your Eyes

Why you have open eyes for a bigger O. Dedicated to my Green eyed temptress..she knows.

Open your eyes ... To see the one who longs for you. Open your eyes … To catch the morning’s rays of love. Open your eyes … To see who reaches for you. Open your eyes … To let your soul’s light shine through. Open your eyes … That were sealed gently with a kiss. Open your eyes … To let me behold your dreams within. Open your eyes … To the passion you’ve created within me. Open...Read On


Who Is This Woman ?

Who Is This Woman … that lives a world away? Who is this woman … that is so reserved? Who is this woman … I find to be so mysterious? Who is this woman … and what does her heart seek? Who is this woman … I can almost feel? Who is this woman … that seems so steady and sure? Who is this woman … is she really real? Who is this woman … I can tell of my real daydreams? Who is...Read On


Finally -- and you Cum with me

A building of desire and lust is finally consummated...

FINALLY… … holding you close and feeling your body’s heat … once again staring into your emerald green eyes … hands and fingers rake through your hair and hold your face … thumbs caressing your cheeks … kissing your forehead, kissing your eyes … kissing the bridge of your nose, kissing the tip … kissing your lips (softly), just kissing you softly, gently, slowly … kissing your neck...Read On


My Green-Eyed Temptress

...has eyes that mean so much to me.

My Green-Eyed Temptress Has eyes that are Bright Shining Alluring Inviting Mysterious Playful Vexing My green-eyed temptress has eyes that are Pools of love laced with golden glitter Pin pricks of desire boring into me Hints of passion yet to come Beacons of hope on a dark stormy night within my soul Transforming me Helping create a revival of passion within my soul A window...Read On


Today I Cried

While mowing my yard ... Today I Cried ... thinking of you.

TODAY, I CRIED… … Over a love that once was alive and then died. … Over hurtful things in our lives. … Over mistakes made that cannot be denied. … Over ‘heart’ decisions that don’t come easy. … Over the open cage that once held captive your soul in my heart. … Over the hard lessons you’ve had to learn alone. … Over betrayals in your life. … Over innocent lives that may grow up too soon....Read On



She'll know if she reads this...

I L Y Because you strum my heart strings I L Y Because you taught me more about myself I L Y Because you did not let me make a fool of myself I L Y Because of your smile so warmly given I L Y Because you provide inspiration I L Y Because you provoke my imagination I L Y Because you let my fantasy blend with yours I L Y Because you cast so much ‘glitter’ in my life I L Y ...Read On


Won't You Please Touch Me

Longing for that touch ... the things I miss.

I miss your ... Fingertip across my lips shushing me for a kiss... Kiss so gentle it can barely be felt ... Hands, fingers cradling my face, turning it towards you for a kiss... Soft squeeze on my arms, fingertip under my chin... Wet kiss on my neck, soft breath teasing my sex... Cradling, fondling my sexual center, my sexual being... Finger nails lightly raking down my back,...Read On

Love Stories(9)


My Life Between Virginity and Celibacy - Part Two (conclusion)

Please read Part One first

Life became humdrum in about all ways over the next two or three years, and we decided to have another baby. That decision coincided with our wedding anniversary. We got a babysitter and went out for dinner. After the babysitter departed, we went to bed and did ‘it’ again with a bit more enthusiasm than normal because it was our anniversary. Its been so long ago, but I seem to remember...Read On


My Life Between Virginity and Celibacy - Part one

A simple photo on a friend's page opens a floodgate of memories spanning back fifty years.

Foreword Dear Reader, What follows is an accounting of fifty years of my life as far as my lovemaking and sex life is concerned. I’ve tried to recall this in an honest manner with recollections of the good, not-so-good, and the painful missteps along the way. What started this was seeing a photo on a new friend’s profile page. Sadly, she has disappeared from my friends list. That photo...Read On


Close Your Eyes

What closing your eyes can do to bring feelings alive. Dedicated to...and she knows!

A chance comment made across the computer screens begs the question of just how really real we can make a cyber connection feel. I was drinking my coffee, and she was signed on to Lush when we started chatting via Black Boxes. I must say this about using the Black Boxes: you must use carefully chosen words that are carefully organized, so that you can get your thought(s) down without running...Read On


EXIT 33 --Trusting More

Expanding 'trust' through new experiences....

EXIT 33 -- Trusting More After chatting with you over the computer and ‘hearing’ a story that you made up on the spot, I turned back over and drifted back to sleep. I had a smile of satisfaction on my face as your sweet countenance once again occupied my dreamy sleep. The aftereffects of your story on my body soon had me ‘asleep’ and once again dreaming. After releasing your hands, I help...Read On


EXIT 33 -- Trust

The setting is very real. The issue of 'trust' is real on-line. She will know who she is when she

We are having a slow day on the ‘big road’ due to the usual traffic snarls along the Interstate highway. My favorite truckstop is just ahead 3 miles down the road. These people go out of their way to make a driver feel welcome … from the manager(s) to fuel clerks to convenience cashiers to floor sweepers. Everybody is so friendly here. Their big neon sign is truly a welcome sight for me. ...Read On


The Battle for Carnal Delights...Getting Lucky!

I finally got 'lucky' in the morning...fantasy tale from a real life trucker!

A new day dawned and there was no alarm clock to wake us from our sleep. I woke up, laying on my side, to the feel of a warm and very naked female body curled into me. My cock was hiding away stretched out between her thighs and against the outer lips of her pussy. My lower arm was stretched out and being used like a pillow while my upper arm was across her warm body with a nice handful of...Read On


The Battle For Carnal Delights

“Holding / hugging you from the rear, I love how the curves of your body mold into mine as my cock…”

I’ve never considered myself to be a real writer. The writing(s) I’ve done over the years have been short speeches I’ve had to make for various meetings and have reflected what I felt most passionate about. This being mostly civic minded stuff and far, far away from LUSH type topics. Thus, I’m a little at a loss for words and ways of expressing myself in a LUSH like arena. My...Read On



Making LOVE in a truck bunk

I drive an 18-wheeler solo, but in my daydream state of mind, there is a special LUSH friend that rides along in my mind. This is dedicated to her as she was the source of inspiration for this short story and she knows who she is! In my mind, at the end of the day, we are... TOGETHER I hope you’ve had a good day. Right now, I’m parked in a large parking lot, back in the sleeper bed. I’ve...Read On


Conflicts In The Heart - A Tormented Passion

Fantasy vs. Reality in a dream like state of mind leads to a conflict in the heart.

We share a quiet time together… two new friends getting to know each other better and when I sense that you are physically a little tense and tired I offer you a shoulder and neck massage. “Come sit here in front of me,” I say as I move slightly closer to the sofa’s edge. You respond quickly and seat your self on the floor between my spread knees. You are wearing a simple, silky white...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Way To End The Day

A good meal and a hot shower are a great way to end the day for a commercial truck driver.

The steady drone of the big diesel for the last couple of hours has about made both of us drowsy. The traffic tonight has been sporadic, either light and moving along at 70, or heavy stop / go construction tie ups that really try a truck driver’s patience. The day is going to end soon, over 600 miles logged and we can retire for the night. It hasn’t been all that cool in the truck as the...Read On