First Time(3)


Katie's Dream

Katie is getting ready for church when she is interrupted by a pleasant dream.

She stands in front of the mirror and ties the collar of the white, satin blouse, white for unsoiled virginity, the wide satin ties hang to her breasts. She slides her hand down the front of the knee-length skirt. She is delectable, unspoiled, a fruit ripe for picking, her juices maturing and longing to be tasted. She closes her eyes, smelling his cologne...Read On


Mother Knows Best

Stan is a virgin and finds it hard to relax around his girlfriend, until her mother steps in.

Susan Smith buttoned the gold, satin blouse and tucked it into her black slacks and zipped them up. Smoothing out her buttocks, she turned to study them. At forty five she was still looking good. Dark brown hair hung past her shoulders accentuating a brown, flawless complexion. Large brown mischievous eyes always seemed to regard the outside world with a mixture of mild contempt and...Read On


What Katie Did Next

After her short fantasy about Brad is interrupted, he calls unexpectantly, what did she do next?

She stood in front of the bathroom mirror and flicked the brush through her hair. Katie had always been proud of her hair. It had been cut short when she was a teenager and she had cried for weeks, swearing to never again cut it so short. It now fell to the middle of her back although she had had it thinned out a month ago. She stared at the white, satin blouse....Read On



A Very Special Client

A tale of lesbian seduction overlaid with very human drama, set in the city of Rome.

The brunette paused by the full length mirror in the hallway. The cream satin blouse fell to her rounded hips the opening stopped just short of her plump cleavage, the smooth folds contrasted nicely with the tight black skirt, black fishnet stockings and heels. She straightened the wide black belt around her waist, pulled the blouse out a little from the belt and smiled. Five hundred Euros...Read On


A Very Special Hen Night

Jane is getting married tomorrow then she visits her sister in law to get acquainted

The white long sleeved blouse felt smooth against her skin and as she raised her hand to ring the bell, she experienced a moment of doubt. This was the day before her wedding and Jane had spent weeks preparing for her special day. Everything was in order, the flowers, the caterers, the reception, and that dress, it had all been meticulously planned and more than once she had considered...Read On


The Club

After sleeping with her sister in law, Emma and Lucy head out to a club.

After engaging in erotic sex with her sister in law, Emma takes Lucy's offer of a night out at a local club that has a back to school theme night, but who will she go back home with, Lucy or Trisha her newest best friend? She lay spread-eagled across the bed, her legs apart and an arm flopped out over the pillow where Emma’s head had been just half an hour ago. Emma swallowed hard and...Read On

Straight Sex(5)


Personal Assistant

Fiona hires an Australian male as a PA, he turns out to have other talents however.

The dank, gray gloom was lifting as I pulled into the parking lot outside the mist-shrouded warehouse in Edinburgh. The snow was still falling heavily, swirling snowflakes had reduced visibility to a few feet by the time we reached our destination. Even though we had managed to outrun the blizzard, it would be difficult getting back this afternoon. Beside me, Fiona pulled the black trench...Read On


Prisoners of Love

Dorothy works in a POW camp and Carl is her new secretary but he has other talents too,

PRISONERS OF LOVE Dorothy looked up as the door creaked open, her fingers hovering above the heavy, black typewriter, a look of mild irritation on her face. Colonel John McGinty registered the look and his mouth twitched in the typical military smile she had grown to despise. Why did soldiers act as if emotions were an enemy to be killed, rather than something to embrace?...Read On


The Gigolo

Laura is rich, successful, single and bored, until she engages Raoul, a Latino gigolo

Laura puckered her lips as she applied the eyeliner. For years she’d had no idea why she puckered up when she put on eyeliner until a friend had questioned her about it several months ago. It had taken her three weeks of casual pondering before she suddenly realized there was no real reason for it. Her mother had always pouted when she put on makeup and she had passed the habit onto her...Read On


The Last Visitor

Wendy is about to leave an old castle, but a tour guide catches her eye and something else

Wendy stepped into the great hall and looked around, the light was fading and she pulled the trench coat around her slim figure. She had been so caught up in the ancient splendor of Castle Doune she had forgotten the time. Although old and rundown, she preferred it to the other castle she had visited which was undergoing extensive restoration. Doune however was just the way she imagined a...Read On


The Scottish Professor

Jenny is an American student in Scotland, who makes a surprising discovery about her professor

Jenny tied the bow of the black, silk blouse and tucked it further into her short, tartan skirt. One of the things she loved most about Britain was the huge variety of fashions and styles available here, a far cry from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Twenty three years old and yearning for exotic travel, she’d cashed in a 401K and combining it with her savings, had signed on at Edinburgh...Read On