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Shard 629: Morning Light

He would love the surprise of her lying in his bed like a gift from a dream.

She was sad. It doesn’t matter why. It wasn't an overwhelming sadness. Lots of things make people sad. Life is sad sometimes. That's all. She awoke at five a.m., hours before she usually did. She could not go back to sleep, and did not try very hard. She called into the office and left a message telling them she was taking the day off. She dressed. She started walking across town to...Read On

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Extra Virgin

Olive oil isn't just for cooking.

Tie me up , I’d asked him. It’ll spice things up, I’d told him. A no-risk offer, I’d thought, to my buttoned-down, straight-laced boyfriend. I was the wild one, after all. I have a safeword. Henry had insisted. Me need a safeword -- for him? And is it time to use it? I’d fantasized about being with a hard man, one who knew how to take. I was tired of giving, or even giving...Read On

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Sadie's Confession

Sadie's virtue is targeted by the cockiest bastard in the office.

Thanks for letting me come round. This has been burning inside me for days now – it’s driving me mad, keeping me up nights. I’m sure Alec’s noticed something’s wrong. I can’t hold it in anymore, I have to tell someone. You know, a release valve. And – well, I know you won’t judge. In fact knowing you, I think you’ll probably enjoy it. Just try not to enjoy it too much. You know already,...Read On

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The Plumber

At the dungeon, the other dommes called her The Plumber. Not because she knew how to snake a pipe, but because she was unafraid of those dark, tight, nasty places where the scariest fantasies accumulated. If a guy called in wanting to be crushed like a bug, management would book her. She had contacts at a pet store. She’d procure live crickets to be crushed in sympathy with the man. She...Read On

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Thank you for calling

Hello, 1-900-Dial-A-Babe. My name is Samara, What is your pleasure this evening?  What was that, I didn’t quite hear you? Oh, this is your first time calling. Okay, I’ll do my best to make sure you enjoy your first experience with me. So, why don’t you go ahead and get undressed and comfortable for me. Are you ready? Good… Now, lay back, close your eyes, and imagine me.  I’m a...Read On

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Let The Devil Win

A very naughty nun

I read this thing An oral list One called a blow job The other is a pussy kiss I’m sitting here In my habit Googling Rampant rabbits Reading on I got the gist Of men who are Cunnilinguists Then I read And what a shock That women also Suck men’s cocks I read about What’s called a blow Licking and sucking Like a ho Then sixty nine I’d give that a...Read On

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A Growl And A Kiss In The Wind

No full moon in the sky this night. A growl rumbles deep in my throat. Hairs on end, skin on the back of my neck, tight. My reply to the howls of lamentation in the dark. Why do wolves and beasts howl? A call? A warning? Do they feel distance? I ache from this distance between us so foul. My growl is my call to you, my love. Did you hear it? Did you feel me? Perched high in...Read On

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Dreaming Of You

Sitting here in my chair, dreaming Visions of you filling my mind, I long to be alone with you, Enfolded in your warm embrace. I should be hard at work, writing, But the perfume of your presence Is just too intoxicating, Driving all other thoughts away. I can no longer concentrate, A divine restlessness grips me, My breathing quickens with desire, Remembering those heady nights, ...Read On

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I need filthy today, giving my brain the rest it needs Just focus on my body and perform all those dirty deeds Grab me by the hair, let your mouth crush my lips Reach your hand down and pull at my blouse as it rips Your hands roughly grab at my tits, my bra at home A hand shoved up under skirt, feel free to roam You push two fingers rudely inside of my wet and puffy lips Feeling them...Read On

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Secret Slut

Will you be the one who holds the key...

She slumbers deep within Yearning to break free She is the Secret Slut That resides inside of me Rising towards the surface Arms stretching wide Once she is out I can no longer hide I've always been the good girl Have never taken the chance But my Secret Slut She wants to do the dirty dance She wants to deep throat a cock Maybe try a threesome or two Anal is on her list as well...Read On

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Of a never ending orgasm...

From out of the mysts Of their minds Are created A sensual world Where love is fated Real or imagined For those who take part They will not get away Without touching the heart Of those that choose to play Man or woman Attached or un-involved You easily become entangled In a virtual world Where lust rules and senses are jangled Dare you enter Or should you not Whatever...Read On

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Blood Of A Lamb

A vampire recounts the story of his life

The moment I saw her that autumn afternoon, I knew that I just had to have her. Sitting quietly in the shadows of the empty library, lit only by the lambent warmth of the reading lamp over the desk, her demure beauty ignited a fire in my soul that had been dormant for many centuries, and I knew that I must take her life force and make it my own. ooOoo I was born long before the present...Read On

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Embers' Desire

Where there is smoke, there is sure to be fire...

Whether smoldering slowly Or quick to ignite Passion Enflamed is Impossible to fight Your hands on my body Your tongue tasting too Achy and Desperate I need to touch you. Drive you to frenzy Mad with lust Finally together Our bodies Combust The flames die down But will continue to linger Spent I lay next to you Tracing my finger…...Read On

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Fuck Me Again

At times I want incredible sex with no strings But in reality sex is rarely ever consequence free I just want the orgasm without the complications So again tonight I am asking, "Will you fuck me?" Before you even answer I strip to my sheer panties The panties only accompanied by a come hither grin Tonight my eagerness to fuck you is crystal clear Now our mutual ache for sexual...Read On

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Every Night Without Fail

In my dreams you come to me, my darling, Every night without fail, you are there, Slipping quietly under the covers To lie beside me in my lonely bed, Waiting and expectant, ready for love. Your soft breasts nestle warm and inviting In the hollow of my back, perfectly Designed to arouse me from my slumbers, Sending their message of promised pleasure Along my tingling nerves from...Read On

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Love Reborn

My dearest wife, it has been such a long winter, Hard and bitter, draining the heart and soul of hope. Doubly hard for you, so much sadness and illness, And frozen pipes, and the children's difficulties. Such a long catalogue of woes, you look so tired, New lines of care on your face, and fresh streaks of grey Staining the golden beauty of your lovely hair. I am bitterly aware of my...Read On

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Walking Among Daffodils

It was a day just like today, I remember,  The beginning of spring, a day of fresh beauty.  Vanished were the harsh and bitter winds of winter.  The landscape dull and heavy under a sullen sky,  And the very earth hard like iron, cold and dead.  But that was all forgotten now, just like a dream  From which we had awakened into a new world,  Redolent with hope and promise, lifting our hearts, ...Read On

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My Turn

Listening to a good girl having fun.

You are lying on the bed completely naked and exposed when I walk in. You tell me I have been a good girl and you are giving me free reign to do as I wish with your body. Of course I give you a grin and a feeling of excitement runs through me. I love when you allow me to do this. Stopping myself from moving too quickly, I stand at the foot of the bed and remove my panties. Crawling on the...Read On

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Just Fuck Me

No red roses are required tonight Or serenades accompanied by piano I am a woman and I am ravenous Desiring an orgasm to curl my toes So let go of your inhibitions Do not be afraid to really fuck me My mind is blinded by lust An orgasm just begging to be free No pleasantries need be exchanged Our lips lock into a mind numbing kiss An unfurling of clothing soon follows Your desire feeding...Read On

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A Gift for a Very Good Friend

A surprise oral gift for a working friend

You working late, I quietly approach your office door. I'm wearing your favorite outfit, black, pink plaid bra and short skirt. Black stockings, high heels that you hear clicking as I walk across the floor. Looking up you see me, I put a finger to my lips. I don't want you to speak. I come around your desk pulling you into my arms for a quick hug and kiss. Undoing your pants, yanking...Read On