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For a woman to be with a man is always an exciting rush of power. There is that initial thrill of the first touch, and the promise of ecstasy that follows the first thrust. There is an urgency of need in the act of two bodies coming together, of masculinity in control, taking, demanding, invading everything that makes a woman soft and feminine. There is a moment, however brief, when she becomes totally submissive and receptive. She gives herself totally over to her man, body, heart and spirit. She is completely his, at that moment when his body enters hers.

But no matter how dominant the man’s nature, or how thoroughly he takes her to the stars and back, when a man invades a woman, the ultimate conquest is hers. The woman captures the raw masculine power of a man within herself. There is a moment when he realizes she has not rejected him, but rather, she accepts him for everything he is, and everything he’s not. He’s helpless to resist the allure of her breathless cries, the heat of her body engulfing him, and the pleasure in her face. However dominant his nature, it is she who is the one who turns the powerful tide. For when he finally surrenders his soul to the first moments of climax, it is he who is laying helpless upon her breasts at the end.

It is for moments like this, that I enjoy writing erotic romance. Everyone has sexual fantasies. Some of us just write them down. As a child I wanted to be a lot of things. As a writer I get to create new worlds full of suspense, drama, action, revenge, love and sex, and become anything I want. If you want to join my world, check out my books: ------->

1. I am not going to be your Sub, Slave or Babygirl. Mistress, Domme or your Mommy.
2. I am not going to cheat on my man with anyone, online or otherwise. I am strictly monogamous. Please respect my relationship.
3. I am not going to cyber, text, call or video chat with you. Lush provides email and chat boxes for discussion. There is no reason to go outside that.

I am here primarily to share my writing, and make friends with other writers and readers. I am looking for friends only, and not "friends with benefits." I have a wide range of interests we can discuss that have nothing to do with sex.

Audri Nichols
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Some of my non-writing interests are cooking, photography, movies and (of course) reading late into the night. I enjoy talking about social issues, history, paranormal stuff, natural remedies, health and various types of science and psychology. I know a little bit about a lot of different things and can carry a conversation with most people...unless they are rude and disrespectful. I won't tolerate that.
Favorite Books:
There are too many to list, but right now I am really into Christine Feehan's books, especially the Ghostwalker (Game) Series. Viper Game is finally out! Whoop Whoop! I already can't wait for the next one, Spider Game!
Favorite Authors:
Christine Feehan
Gena Showalter
Laurel K. Hamilton
Jean M. Auel
Sasha Lord
Jude Deveraux
Susan Kearney
Favorite Movies:
In no particular order

The Last of the Mohicans
Mr. Holland's Opus
The Fast and Furious Movies
Sweet Home Alabama
Practical Magic
Favourite TV Shows:
Bones, Castle, NCIS, Criminal Minds, The Vampire Diaries, Nashville, Mistresses.
Favorite Music:
Soundtracks and Country, Classic Rock...you know the stuff EVERYONE knows the words to and can't help but sing along with. I also enjoy a little classical, a little jazz and there is just something about Celtic music that just makes my blood sing. I adore love songs. Because I am a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind.
Castle: How do you know when you're in love?
Beckett: All the songs makes sense.


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Topic: If you don't, then this relationship won't work
Posted: 15 May 2015 03:28

As long as there is some kind of sex happening, people shouldn't be too picky. They could be going without altogether.

Topic: How many guys have you had sex with?
Posted: 15 May 2015 03:24

Three. All long term relationships that lasted years. I don't do casual sex.

Topic: Primal Instincts
Posted: 01 May 2015 01:36

This was written by a man on another website, and I found it both intriguing and slightly creepy (for obvious reasons.)

We all have primal needs.
It's ingrained in us from our caveman days, the need to conquer.
To take what we want when we want it.
Our biggest problem now days is that society frowns on men just grabbing a woman and having animalistic sex with her.
But still, I find myself walking through a store and seeing a woman I want.
My pulse quickens.
My sense of smell increases.
My gaze on her becomes more intense.
My problem is I've been domesticated.
I need to learn to hunt again.
To track my prey.
To be ready to attack when the time is right.
To become the animal that I once was.

(Edits: I fixed all the grammar and spelling mistakes to make it easier to read. The words are exactly what was written.)

The questions:

Do you feel this inherent need to find a woman as a "hunt"?
Do you feel that you have been domesticated by society?
Do you feel the same kind of frustration this man is expressing?

Or is this guy just a dangerous creeper/potential criminal?

On one hand, I can see where he may feel sexually frustrated, especially if he hasn't had a satisfying encounter in a while.
And science has proven many times that under certain circumstances, our primitive brain/cellular memory/survival instincts do kick in/take over. Sexual desires are deeply ingrained into us. I can relate in some ways, as there have been many times that I have felt a bit more like a lioness on the prowl, than a human being. So I can understand what he is saying. Maybe he's just brave enough to publicly admit what most guys secretly feel?

On the other hand, it would be very easy to assume he is a poetic potential rapist, and every internal big red alarm warning I have is going off. Danger! Danger, Will Robinson. Danger! I just hope he doesn't act on these urges during a late night trip for a gallon of milk.

Guys, what are your thoughts?

Topic: Advice for a noob please
Posted: 23 Apr 2015 22:41

Is the toy bigger than he is? Thicker? Some men have issues with that because they are insecure. If that isn't the issue, then he just needs to get over it. Sex toys can be fun, and there is nothing wrong with having a BOB if he isn't available. You can even have one made with a cock cloning kit. You can make a mold of his and use it.

Topic: Wife sexual awakening?
Posted: 23 Apr 2015 22:34

I doubt she is cheating. It's much more likely that after 20+ years of marriage, she felt things in the bedroom were getting stale. She was probably trying to spice things up and keep it interesting. Perhaps she feels more comfortable with her sexual desires and wanted to express that with you. I think you should trust what she told you when you asked her about it. If you have made an accusation to her about cheating, even in a joking manner, that would explain why her newly found interest in sex has waned back down to what it was before. She probably feels as if you have shut her down and rejected her.

Many women hit their sexual peak between 30-40. Their libido increases and she will often become more open to experimenting, and want a lot more sex. It's sort of like a last hormonal hurrah before Menopause hits, which is how some women end up with surprise babies at 40.

Topic: What are things that you don't like that a man does during anything sexual?
Posted: 23 Apr 2015 22:28

Sticking his tongue in my ear.
Ignoring my breasts.
Can't find my clit.
Thinks trying to break through my cervix will make me orgasm.
Is too gentle when I want it rougher.

Topic: What Do You Think About Interracial Sex?
Posted: 17 Apr 2015 16:59

I think that questions like this is the reason racism is still an issue at all.

As long as the race of your sex partner is human , IT DOESN'T MATTER.

Topic: do you let guys see up your skirt?
Posted: 17 Apr 2015 15:40

Never have. I thought little boys outgrew that after grade school. LOL

Topic: space sex
Posted: 17 Apr 2015 15:32

I was watching a documentary a few months back that talked about the problem. They have designed a love tunnel in anticipation of future space tourism. The couple crawl into the tunnel together. It is quite snug and stops them drifting apart in zero gravity.
Excellent idea. I want to try it.

I think I saw that documentary. About the logistics of long term life in space, right?
The one I saw was basically about why humanity can't live in space (yet) because sex would lead to babies, and giving birth in zero gravity would be too messy, and babies bones and bodies won't grow correctly without proper gravity. They would be deformed and unable to learn how to walk properly, or something like that.

Space shuttles are built from scraps from other (old) shuttles, contracted by the lowest bidder. Some parts are about as thick as a piece of paper, and in an emergency are held together with duct tape when things go wrong. Bumping into the walls having sex? I would be too worried about getting sucked into the vacuum to enjoy it. LOL

Topic: Leave already!!!
Posted: 17 Apr 2015 15:19

Mistake 1: Inviting a stranger you met online to your home. (Really?)
Mistake 2: Sleeping with a total stranger you know next to nothing about. (How do you know she's clean? Was there paperwork to prove it?)
Mistake 3: Assuming she's "worth keeping" because she has nice breasts. (Obviously, you wanted more than one night with her.)
Mistake 4: Letting her stay the night. (Were you hoping for a morning quickie?)
Mistake 5: Not insisting she leave first thing in the morning. (Clearly not a one night stand anymore. One night stands GO HOME.)
Mistake 6: Trusting A STRANGER YOU JUST MET to lock up your house when she leaves. (This is just stupid.)
Mistake 7: Not tossing her butt out of your house when you come home and find her still there. (Who does that?)
Mistake 8: Letting her "woo" you by paying for dinner. (Since you haven't figured it out by now...SHE'S TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOU.)
Mistake 9: Fucking her again. (Really? REALLY?)
Mistake 10: Letting her stay the night, again and again and again...(You are beyond foolish.)
Mistake 11: Finally getting her to leave, and then inviting her back! (WTF? Does she have a magical golden pussy?)
Mistake 12: Becoming emotionally invested and upset that she cut all contact. (You clearly wanted more than a one night stand with her.)

At what point did you make it clear to her this was a one night stand exactly?

You continually lead her to believe you wanted more than a one night stand. She probably thought you wanted a relationship with her, since you let her keep staying. Of course she left pissed. It's easy to see why she would think you broke up with her. You have no right to be appalled at her behavior when your own judgement is so questionable. At 28, you really should know better by now.

You'd better pray your week long dalliance with a woman who took advantage of your hospitality and manipulated you into letter her stay an entire week, doesn't end with her showing up at your doorstep pregnant. She'll be the type that will put your balls in a vice for the next 18 years of child support. Being a father doesn't end when the kid turns 18 either. It's for the rest of your life, which means you'll be stuck dealing with her for the rest of your life too. If you don't end up with a baby, or an incurable STD from this stupidity, I'd consider yourself lucky.

Consider this common sense lesson number 1: Don't bring strangers into your home. AND DON'T LET THEM STAY.

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