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Self-respect is the name of the game, and I have one rule, you respect me and I'll respect you. Follow that and we'll get along fine.

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Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Sport, sport and sport. And sex. Love playing sport, anything from table tennis, cricket, soccer, AFL, basketball and baseball. Love it.
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Harry Potter, gotta go the legends. The Eragon series (don't judge, they were a good read), anything by Dan Brown, Gideon Haigh, Darren Shan, Nick Stone, and Alexandre Dumas.
Favorite Authors:
Read above. It's right there. I'm actually disappointed you got this far without knowing the answers.
Favorite Movies:
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Anything with RDJ really, the man's a legend), the NEW James Bond series, all of the Bournes, The Dark Knight Trilogy, A River Runs Through It, Ace Ventura I and II and Ted.
Favorite Music:
Robbie Williams, no contest. Not his new stuff, it sucks balls, but his pre-2005 stuff is legendary. Besides him there's Nickelback, Bon Jovi, Michael Bublé, the Les Miserables soundtrack (don't hate, it's good music. Not like the eardrum-shattering wub-wub-wub crap they pump out today), Savage Garden, John Denver, Elton John, and Pink.
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18 Apr 2013
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17 Oct 2016
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Topic: you favorite song of all time that never gets old how ever many time you listen to it
Posted: 07 Jul 2014 10:24

"Angels" by Robbie Williams. Incredible song, I highly recommend it if you haven't heard it.

Topic: What actor(s) do you dislike so much, that you won't even bother watching their movies/shows?
Posted: 08 Jun 2014 12:48

The variety of opinions here is amazing. I personally can't stand Tom Cruise, he's far too crazy these days. Shia Labeouf is in the same boat, he is an arsehole in real life which has put me off him completely. Any romcom of Reese Witherspoon's is usually crap of the highest order. Also, can't stand Courtney Cox. She very nearly ruined Friends for me. Adam Sandler has yet to make a movie I can sit though, he should never have been allowed in front of a camera.

Topic: Post the title most recent song that you listened to
Posted: 21 Mar 2014 16:26

Angels by Robbie Williams

Favourite song ever

Topic: Which is hotter.. first kiss or first fuck?
Posted: 06 Aug 2013 08:28

I'd have to say the kiss. There's just something about that first intimate contact which is really unique.

Topic: Why is squirting such a huge turn on for guys?
Posted: 01 Aug 2013 16:02

I think that it tends to feed the man's ego as a lover. When women squirt we see it as kind of the pinnacle of sexual achievement, which for most men is a pretty big deal. Plus it's damned hot and usually a massive visual turn on.

Topic: Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
Posted: 01 Aug 2013 15:58

This is for all the Aussie cricket fans out there - so probably all of two people - but I've managed to meet guys like Matt Hayden, Brett Lee, Adam Gilchrist, Glenn McGrath, Shane Warne and Craig McDermott.

Topic: Do you guys enjoy watching your cocks being inside your lover's mouth?
Posted: 17 May 2013 03:33

Oh definitely. There's something very masculine and empowering about seeing that.

Topic: Sexual preferences
Posted: 15 May 2013 03:03

Ive been with some girls who would ask me to eat them out more than they would ask me to fuck them, and vice versa. Is this a personal preference thing? Or does one genuinely feel better than the other?

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Glenn yawned, and stretched his arms wide. Rubbing his eyes, he glanced at the clock on the nightstand. 9:03 am. He shifted the covers and swivelled, placing his feet on the cold wooden floor. What day was it? Thursday? No. He remembered Thursday had been a short while ago. It must be Saturday. Thank God. No work today. Maybe he should go for a nice trip into town. He could pick up the...

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Ms Hayden learns some Manners

Jack reluctantly shuffled back into class, mentally preparing himself for another day of being bedeviled by his teacher. He was unlucky enough to have landed the most notorious teacher in school, Ms Hayden. She was a sadistic vacuum of pure cruelty, and seemed to enjoy humiliating him in front of the class. Jack had spoken to the Principal on the matter, but there was one significant...

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