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All play and no work makes the Scribbler a bad, bad boy.

26 Mar 2011 17:10

"Room in Rome" is a great movie, very sexy. Check it out!

04 Feb 2011 06:58

Working on prepared the whole of "Vanessa's Island" as an ebook, so Chapter 10 may be the last chapter I post here, but I there will be plenty of other stories to share here.

02 Feb 2011 16:50

My mind is abuzz with ideas for new stories, some of them very silly indeed!

28 Jan 2011 05:11

I just started a blog about funny sex and sexy fun called Aussiescribbler's Funny Boners. I'm posting about sexy professions. What are the sexiest professions - rock star, nurse, secretary, construction worker?

26 Jan 2011 13:29

I now have a book of my stories available for Kindle on Amazon. It contains The Awful Truth, Anita's Birthday Party, Inappropriate Behaviour, Transylvanian Roulette, How Meggie Made Me Hard, Brandy By the Lake, School Daze, Tina Gets Caught and others. If you have read any of these stories and want to help me you could post a review on Amazon. No need to buy the book.

24 Jan 2011 23:43

Just published my first e-book of erotic stories and wondering how to con someone into buying it.

09 Jan 2011 19:15

Some English dude once said that all the world is a stage. I made my initial entrance to very little fanfare on this day in 1962.

10 Oct 2010 20:32

Just finished proof-reading and submitting Chapter Seven of Vanessa's Island and discovered once again that I crack me up.

“So we have Sean Connery, in the hot-tub, with a hard-on,” laughed Vanessa, who had stopped masturbating, and was sitting cross-legged on the bed scoffing chocolates with her pussy-juice-slimy fingers. “It’s beginning to sound like a horny version of Cluedo.”


21 Sep 2010 06:36

This evening I wrote a poem. Only my second ever. And the first one to rhyme. (Bukowski would be ashamed of me, I know.) Also came up with a cool idea for a funny sexy story, but I'm afraid it might be illegal. Does a guy being jacked off against his will but a pack of girls in bikinis count as rape?

13 Aug 2010 09:15

I'm thinking of writing a CFNM story. There don't appear to be many of those on the site.

11 Aug 2010 21:12

Damn. One of my favourite Lush friends seems to have disappeared without trace from the site just when I was halfway through writing a really hot story starring her. If she doesn't come back I need to recast. Any other ladies who would like to read about themselves getting in trouble for masturbating in public at a nudist colony? Just asking.

11 Aug 2010 01:32

I suppose I should put some clothes on. It's nearly 2.30 in the afternoon and the chores won't do themselves. sigh

08 Aug 2010 21:52

I wish I hadn't left the "l" out of my user name. Oh, well.

05 Aug 2010 07:53