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08 Nov 2011 Masturbation
1 3.75 4015

Bio: I found this site awhile back and became hooked. Although I am getting to middle age, I don't feel like it at all and I definitely do not like to act like it!! I think I skipped my teenage years, an...
07 Dec 2008 Crossdressing
3 4.59 66777

Bio: I am Bisexual so i don't mind chatting or cybering with both sexes. I am open to all kinds of chats and like to talk about all kinds of things

29 Jun 2011 Crossdressing
Fantasy & Sci-Fi
33 4.71 376996

Bio: I'm a 34yr old bisexual crossdresser.looking for others like myself who love the feel of silk and lace against their skin. That includes women as well
10 Dec 2009 Crossdressing
1 4.80 9261

Bio: I have been dressing in private since I was about 12, growing in what I do all the time. I have dressed with a few men and other CD's, but I do NOT try to pass, as I am all man in looks. I have MANY...
28 May 2009 Crossdressing
3 3.90 52176

31 Jul 2012 First Time
Straight Sex
2 4.65 29564

19 Aug 2013 Bisexual
1 4.68 9486

Bio: Hi there!! I'm an incredible horny person and love reading the stories on here- I really enjoy stories about reluctance, masterbation, threesomes, and although i am straight- do enjoy a bit of girl on...
29 Jan 2010 Group Sex
1 4.56 10453

Bio: My name's Celeste, as far as you know. I love writing and just recently I've grown a love for writing and reading erotica. I have a love for a little bit of everything, and hopefully you will grow to ...
17 Mar 2011 Bisexual
1 4.60 3134

Bio: I go to an art college in the city and after only one year I've already had lots of adventures that I hope to write about. I share an apartment in Dinkytown with my best friend from high school, who i...
22 Jun 2012 Exhibitionism
Oral Sex
Quickie Sex
3 4.80 38815

Bio: Former wannabe badass, postgraduate LUG, dilettante raver, daddy's princess, semi-retired grad student, lousy actress, broke trustfunder, asexual slut, one Martha Stewart coffeemug short of a full set...
10 Oct 2010 Anal
Erotic Poems
Group Sex
Love Poems
Straight Sex
57 4.80 116808

Bio: Well, what can I say about myself to intrigue you?

First of all, yes - that is me in my avatar pic.

Secondly, NO, I will not send you naked or naughty pictures, so don't bother...
11 Jan 2011 Love Poems
Love Stories
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
5 4.82 25864

Bio: This site keeps drawing me in as it allows a different part of me to be free. A part I don't get to express very much. I still feel I am a beginner here...
06 Jan 2013 Anal
Straight Sex
4 4.55 27156

Bio: Been off the grid for a while, but now I'm back (I think...for a while at least). I won't be adding any new people unless we talk a little first (I'm not THAT easy)

I'm a bright, vivacious an...
27 Jul 2010 Love Poems
Straight Sex
3 4.80 18638

18 Oct 2011 Fetish
2 4.45 27212

Bio: Now hired as a writer.
Might come back here to finish my plans fter a few years...if I am still alive
17 May 2013 Lesbian
2 4.56 5699

Bio: Unconventionally challenging. Intensely absolute.

Enjoy reading and writing about BDSM/kink.

Stuff I didn't write

e.e. cummings - i like my body when it is with your
i l...
13 Oct 2013 BDSM
3 4.37 12279

04 Sep 2007 Fetish
2 4.35 9242

Bio: "Find something you love and let it kill you." -- Charles Bukowski

I have more pics on here after we are 'friends'. I'm always down for chatting. I'm here to write, please, arouse and read!
13 Apr 2012 Interracial
Love Poems
2 4.83 23940

Bio: I've dabbled in it all and then some. Dabbled: transitive verb : to wet by little dips or strokes (sounds sexier when you read the definition;) I very much love to read the stories at Lush, all ca...
03 Sep 2010 Love Poems
Oral Sex
4 4.69 25885