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Bio: I am a people watcher. I would say it's because I am a photographer, but really, I just enjoy watching people. Other than that, I am a duck of a different color. That's what happens when you mix an od...
21 Jun 2012 Straight Sex
1 5.00 1891

Bio: “I am tired of tears and laughter,
And men that laugh and weep
Of what may come hereafter
For men that sow to reap:
I am weary of days and hours,
Blown buds of barren flowers,
29 Jan 2014 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
5 5.00 5377

Bio: Well I'm married but can't seem to settle down, I love trying new things and i absoulutely love having more than one cocks in me ;) and i absolutely love to fuck women, I'm awesome at lesbian sex. But...
13 Feb 2011 Group Sex
1 4.76 10955

Bio: I suit the phrase "Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets" to a tee. I have a pretty adventurous imagination, which will play in nicely with my stories. Yes, I write erotica. I have some old stories...
26 Jun 2010 Love Stories
4 4.55 17147

Bio: It does not take much to make us angry and create emotional distance from others. But it takes a lot of effort and courage to fight through silence to a place of forgiveness and unity. Isolation seems...
17 Nov 2014 Love Poems
12 4.99 4625

Bio: I really hate writing these things because it's moments like these that make me realize how little i know about myself.. I'll do my best though because I know people read them.
I'm a student tha...
11 Feb 2013 Lesbian
1 4.87 4526

21 Aug 2014 Love Poems
Quickie Sex
2 4.88 18240

01 Feb 2014 Lesbian
Oral Sex
4 4.75 29025

Bio: I'm an open minded freaky guy who likes to talk, watch and get down and dirty with anything involving sex. I would love to create an erotic board game one day as well as continue to write the stories ...
03 Mar 2011 Hardcore
1 5.00 7886

16 Feb 2012 Bisexual
Gay Male
2 4.21 26552

Bio: 32, male, straight, enjoy reading and writing stories on here. I tend to prefer stories written from a female point pf view
07 Aug 2011 Masturbation
Straight Sex
3 4.84 28154

Bio: As a young girl I read every erotic story I could get my hands on because it wasn't that available and so I took what I could get, but with age I got picky and decided to write stories of my own. Most...
30 Jul 2010 Spanking
7 4.72 147230

Bio: Well, my name is Chloe. I just turned 18 on August 4th...I'm bisexual. My first, real sexual experience was with a girl, and we still occasionally meet up and have some fun... ;) I'm currently a stude...
16 Dec 2009 First Time
3 4.51 52230

Bio: Most people don't put pictures of themselves up on here, but, if I'm being honest, I don't really care. It doesn't bother me if I find someone on here that actually knows me. I'm not ashamed or embarr...
10 Sep 2011 Fetish
Straight Sex
3 4.76 33392

Bio: I'm a mum in my 30's with two grown-up daughters. I was very young when I had them but I managed to finish school and go to college while my mum looked after them. Now I'm a junior manager in the re...
16 Feb 2015 Cheating
1 4.82 5244

02 Jun 2013 Love Stories
1 4.80 2240

28 Aug 2012 Group Sex
1 4.75 8848

Bio: Young guy just starting to get involved with Lush, got nothing against the gay love, just not my sort of thing, so would appreciate chats only from women. :)

Into First Time stuff, Incest, ...
19 Sep 2010 First Time
1 5.00 7994

29 Dec 2012 Quickie Sex
1 4.43 16648

Bio: Lushville is a wonderful place to meet people across the world! I'm totally hooked to this website. If i'm online, feel free to drop me a text. Who knows? You might be the person i've been wanting to ...
06 Sep 2011 Group Sex
3 4.70 26731