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This list shows all members that have published stories on Lush, with a username beginning with the letter D.

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15 Nov 2007 Wife Lovers
1 3.50 9482

Bio: I'm not a fan of writing descriptions about myself, yet I digress.
Simply, I am a red-headed, blue eyed(with central heterochromia) gothic. I'm a rather adventurous and outgoing girl, yet I'm perf...
06 Jul 2012 First Time
Oral Sex
2 4.91 15605

Bio: New to this scene but I love to read and write stories(:
29 Jul 2013 First Time
1 4.37 14398

Bio: Shy Englishman with a penchant for kinky sex and erotic fantasies.
12 Jun 2012 BDSM
Oral Sex
Wife Lovers
5 4.89 63991

12 Dec 2012 Group Sex
1 4.44 9443

Bio: Well, I'll keep it simple; born and raised in Ireland, currently studying in Edinburgh University. Short and sweet! Any questions then feel free to ask
29 Nov 2010 MILF
1 4.07 23260

Bio: I'm impatient, and quick to anger. I'm easy to please too. I don't cyber (EVER), and right now, I'm searching...but not sure for what as yet.
02 May 2011 Love Poems
Love Stories
Straight Sex
5 4.67 14204

29 Jul 2013 Masturbation
1 3.71 3611

23 Nov 2012 Straight Sex
1 5.00 6647

Bio: Hi and welcome to me. Im a 20 something female living in the Uk. I love to chat and enjoy most things so dont be shy
07 Dec 2009 Reluctance
Straight Sex
3 4.58 33572

Bio: An older guy looking for a younger woman to chat with
09 Feb 2010 Group Sex
1 4.63 26884

Bio: I'm a new member who sometimes enjoys writing about unusual sexual subjects to keep things interesting. I like to take my experiences and imagine how they could play out with bizarre characters and si...
07 Apr 2016 Gay Male
4 4.78 37149

Bio: I just love to write erotic stories and imagining everyone out there getting off on them like I do when I write them.I especially like writing and reading about masturbation, maybe because I do it a l...
26 Jun 2015 Masturbation
3 4.84 44635

Bio: Hello yall, I have been a Type one diabetic for 20 years. I am 20 years old, was born in California but i grew up in Arlington TX. I graduated high school in 2011 and i am currently in collage trying ...
31 Aug 2011 First Time
Straight Sex
5 3.62 25923

Bio: I am on here to write about my true adventures with Mistresses. I have a handful of experiences, that I just need to get off my chest and put down in writing. I haven't discussed the experiences with ...
29 Apr 2011 Spanking
1 4.88 35289

Bio: I'm a writer of erotic romance stories. I like to include the many places I have visited, the woman I have loved (or would have liked to love) and the varied jobs I have had. I hope something of wha...
09 Aug 2015 Cheating
First Time
Oral Sex
Wife Lovers
17 4.43 106625

Bio: Been away for quiet a while now and slowly easing back into Lush. Its been a year of phenomenal changes upon every level one can think of. No longer in relationship and Single. I think it about time...
11 Feb 2011 Oral Sex
Straight Sex
2 4.84 11276

19 Oct 2014 Cheating
1 4.94 21323

Bio: I'm a 20 something, bi-sexual women. Raised in the conservative mid-west I have found those values wanting.
25 Jul 2013 BDSM
1 4.83 3242

18 Aug 2008 Crossdressing
3 4.81 36448
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