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Authors with username's beginning with D

This list shows all members that have published stories on Lush, with a username beginning with the letter D.

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31 Oct 2009 Wife Lovers
1 4.56 4449

05 Dec 2007 Wife Lovers
5 4.24 41574

Bio: I'm an aspiring writer, quickly creaping up on 50. I haven't posted any of my stories yet, though I hope to change that soon. I enjoy reading many of the stories on the site, even ones that aren't e...
18 Oct 2010 First Time
Group Sex
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
6 4.85 58302

02 Jan 2014 Bisexual
Gay Male
5 4.49 60439

Bio: I may seem quiet, composed and conservative, but that's on the outside. I'm a slut that loves porn. I found a passion for cyber-sex and phone sex with my pervious long-distance boyfriend. While I'm ...
04 Aug 2011 Lesbian
Straight Sex
3 4.89 21685

Bio: i was born in 1956. i am single and i have always lived in Gretater London More generally i am interested in history and politics. i guess you would call my paid work a para legal
27 May 2009 Spanking
1 3.71 17089

Bio: I'm new to writing erotic fiction. I hope to meet and chat and e-mail with other writers and readers. I live in Las Vegas, NV.
08 Mar 2010 Straight Sex
4 4.33 54543

21 Aug 2008 Group Sex
Straight Sex
2 3.89 12840

Bio: I have been a member on Lush since Apr 2012 but I didn't start chatting until Oct 2012. Since then I met a number of wonderful people I am happy to call friends. Among them Bobxyx is the most special,...
28 Apr 2012 Straight Sex
1 4.87 2547

Bio: I'm just here to read stories, I do add people but I'm not on that often.
22 Dec 2012 Love Poems
2 4.98 1378

Bio: A young 50 and male and in a relationship where the thrill has gone sadly - do a bit of drumming but have my own consultancy as a day job. Female and M/F masturbation is my subject of choice simply be...
14 May 2013 Lesbian
Love Poems
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
25 4.66 159422

24 Dec 2014 Erotic Poems
1 4.50 563

Bio: I'm 5'4 tall, use to be a 2 sport college athlete, dreads to my butt. I love to cook, read, I'm a computer geek, who loves gadgets and technology, and tattoos. I'm an abstract painter. My true dream i...
17 Jun 2013 Love Poems
1 4.60 422

Bio: I've been a writer for about 23 years, but just now getting into erotica.
I'm not on here to hook up with anyone. I'm mainly on here to read erotic stories and to submit some of my short stories a...
21 Jul 2012 Masturbation
3 4.26 11208

16 Aug 2011 Exhibitionism
Quickie Sex
8 4.48 83004

Bio: I'm an easy going person who enjoys the little things. I am getting used to living in Texas after moving here from Ohio, but it's a work in progress. Although I'm a married man, I find my urges and de...
25 Jan 2013 First Time
1 4.50 5987

Bio: I'm a bi male who loves sucking cock. I like being naked when alone and spend as much time that way as I can.

I'm also a part-time cross-dresser, enjoying how the clothes feel against me an...
25 Feb 2011 Gay Male
Straight Sex
6 4.79 61538

01 Mar 2014 Oral Sex
Quickie Sex
2 4.34 19104

Bio: People call me devil in disguise because I look sweet but once you get to know me you'll see my true colors. I'm fun to be around and I love making people laugh.
09 Mar 2014 Lesbian
2 4.78 19369

15 Nov 2007 Wife Lovers
1 3.68 8398