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Authors with username's beginning with E

This list shows all members that have published stories on Lush, with a username beginning with the letter E.

Author Joined Categories # Stories Avg Score # Views

20 Dec 2006 Bisexual
First Time
Wife Lovers
6 4.56 281890

18 Sep 2011 Reluctance
1 5.00 8083

13 Jun 2013 Quickie Sex
1 4.50 8797

Bio: Hey there!! :)I LOVE this site. It's so fun to see all the interesting people and read all the stories!! I have an AMAZING boyfriend who I love, but this site brings out my naughty side ;) I am just ...
09 Sep 2010 Straight Sex
1 4.52 6419

25 Apr 2015 First Time
Group Sex
3 4.65 38049

Bio: I am a happily married man with children and grandchildren. I have a passion for good erotica, especially stories involving adventurous wives and couples. I have for the the first time written a coupl...
07 Mar 2013 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
Wife Lovers
4 4.75 57939

25 Dec 2013 Cheating
Erotic Poems
Flash Erotica
Love Poems
Love Stories
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
196 4.99 111481

11 Oct 2010 Love Poems
1 5.00 1097

Bio: Hi all! I'm a 25 year old guy from Australia, and I've been casually writing for the last six years. I often like to write about particularly memorable experiences, or fantasies inspired by another.
20 Oct 2014 BDSM
4 4.60 31235

Bio: Refugee from Literotica. Love to read steamy erotic fiction. What happens between us on Lush stays on Lush. My privacy is paramount. I do not exchange emails, do Skype or swap pics. I don't accept b...
25 Apr 2014 Lesbian
Love Stories
8 4.82 36075

Bio: I am who I am. I'm not perfect, but I am always myself. Make no mistake between my personality and my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude.. depends on who you are.
06 Oct 2014 Lesbian
5 4.92 25521

06 Jun 2013 Masturbation
1 4.80 20601

Bio: I generally prefer to keep to myself, most of the time I prefer to keep my fantasies to myself, but every so often a particularly good idea will strike me and I turn it into a story proper. I keep mos...
29 Jul 2012 Straight Sex
1 5.00 3096

Bio: I am an older British guy with a young attitude and a lot of imagination. I like to bring fantasy scenarios to life. I have written my first novel with several chapters plus a few short stories. I hav...
31 Jul 2012 Exhibitionism
Group Sex
Straight Sex
12 4.35 47472

Bio: Here for reading and writing I'm not interested in cyber. Now that that's out of the way I'm a tiny geeky girl who loves to write and read. My display...
11 Jan 2011 BDSM
2 4.80 26770

10 Mar 2012 Love Poems
3 4.77 1975

Bio: Hi, there! I go by the name Eme (pronounced Emmy, like the award).

You can read more of Doctor-Patient Confidentiality and my other stories over at
28 Nov 2012 BDSM
1 4.60 8838

04 Mar 2007 Straight Sex
1 3.80 5892

Bio: Start with one of the Sweetest souls, add a child like attitude with s kinky side and add a pinch of a smartass and you get me! I love to sing and draw. Beware talking with me, you'll either like me o...
21 Apr 2013 Love Poems
1 4.00 774

Bio: I love reading and writing erotic stories, especially stories involving MF spanking and bdsm. Otherwise, I am just your everday southern belle that has a successful career, kids, husband and a mortga...
27 Nov 2009 Spanking
2 4.56 89282