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Authors with username's beginning with E

This list shows all members that have published stories on Lush, with a username beginning with the letter E.

Author Joined Categories # Stories Avg Score # Views

05 Nov 2010 Lesbian
2 4.58 172401

11 Feb 2014 Love Poems
1 4.76 1170

Bio: I'm a 30-something year-old happily married mother. I'm relatively quiet and have pretty old fashioned temperament and outlook on life; it's done me well. I know what I like, but am usually open to tr...
21 Feb 2014 Group Sex
Straight Sex
5 4.98 40915

30 Nov 2013 Crossdressing
5 4.84 45428

Bio: I am a 30 year-old professional woman from Southern California. My romantic and erotic interests consist of women and all things dark and masculine: black men, black cock, and worshipping the same.
05 Apr 2015 Interracial
4 4.89 44232

27 Sep 2009 Straight Sex
2 4.69 8402

17 Oct 2012 BDSM
1 4.83 5005

Bio: Came across the site recently. Enjoy reading a range of stories, particularly BDSM stories. Might try writing something too.
29 Jun 2014 Oral Sex
1 3.50 5363

Bio: Hi, I am a cute 25 yo 6'1 200lbsI love to feel femme and be treated as such. I like to be called by my girl name I love to wear sexy women clothes as often i can...I'm in the closet still but I would ...
26 May 2009 Crossdressing
1 4.82 91483

Bio: Hi! I am a nordic man in his thirties. I am 6'6" tall and weigh 230 pounds. Brown hair, brown eyes. Not looking for sex in here, just browsing and chatting. Am in a very happy relationship. Ernie is n...
06 Aug 2013 Exhibitionism
1 3.83 6451

17 Dec 2014 Lesbian
2 4.74 20972

20 Jul 2009 First Time
2 3.96 11595

Bio: I like to write the best possible smut. It's nice to know people appreciate the lurid and lyrical. Drop me a line or comments, I always like to hear from my readers.
22 May 2009 Interracial
3 4.31 24899

Bio: Outgoing, happy and creative soul looking to expand my sexual horizons.

I've experienced wonderful and memorable adventures with a select few of my fellow explorers of sensuality. Why wouldn'...
30 May 2014 Wife Lovers
1 4.65 8850

Bio: I'm British, 21 years old, single and a student of Psychology... and also a virgin... I love writing stories; any genre, any plot, I just really enjoy getting my creative juices flowing! I've written...
14 May 2013 Fantasy & Sci-Fi
First Time
6 4.96 22712

31 Oct 2012 First Time
1 4.78 17459

Bio: I am James and I lovvveeeeee sex. I am straight and always will be. I love women ... everything about them. I don't think I'm very much into bdsm but it really gets me going when I know my girl is my ...
04 Jan 2011 Straight Sex
2 4.85 11277

Bio: Will not give out my phone number. Will not skype, or get on Camera. Will not exchange photos. I'm mainly here to read and write. Please respect that. Some people say my writing is an addiction, I say...
02 Sep 2013 Bisexual
Straight Sex
6 4.62 58202

05 Dec 2008 Straight Sex
1 4.00 4716

18 Mar 2007 Taboo
1 4.15 47017