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05 Jun 2013 Group Sex
Love Stories
Wife Lovers
3 5.00 9899

Bio: I am married, a swinger, and a freak! I love sex and all those things sexual.
12 Jan 2011 Group Sex
Quickie Sex
2 4.48 43428

Bio: I write short erotic stories for a living. I love anything that doesn't involve pain or me having sex with another male. Don't mind sharing, and I love to watch. I live in Panama City, Florida and I...
31 Dec 2011 Group Sex
Wife Lovers
3 4.75 21887

Bio: hey my name is mike i am 26 years old single i like to chat and talk
22 Sep 2013 Straight Sex
1 4.17 8543

13 Jan 2009 Wife Lovers
1 4.58 17547

Bio: I am a writer who enjoys reading and writing erotica. I recently published my first collection of unique one page erotic quickies called "Quick And Dirty".
A selection of those stories will be pos...
23 Apr 2013 First Time
Straight Sex
2 4.26 18148

Bio: I'm slowly but surely coming back, reconnecting with old friends and making a quite a few new ones!

Tip: I tend to pass up requests that have no picture or nothing that tells me about who you...
21 Feb 2011 Group Sex
Love Poems
Love Stories
Straight Sex
12 4.87 132375

Bio: I am here to share my stories about my lesbian experiences and even to create some fictional writings. I am a lesbian, so please guys, don't try to talk to me, I do not like guys. I am also not really...
15 Dec 2011 Lesbian
1 4.40 9862

Bio: Regular 21 year old man. Like to read, try to write a little.
Bit of a gym freak. Recently became a personal trainer. Any fitness questions give me a poke ...
20 Sep 2011 Straight Sex
2 4.63 7836

Bio: I've been writing stories for a while. Finally mustered enough courage to put them out there for others to read. I hope you enjoy.
12 Dec 2013 Anal
First Time
Quickie Sex
5 4.77 172943

Bio: I turned 59 in 2014, shortly after I started posting here. Married almost 18 years to a woman of my same "hippie" generation, who is a beautiful on the inside and out. We have two kids from previous r...
04 Jun 2014 Love Stories
11 4.92 15898

Bio:  Hello and thank you for visiting my page

30 Nov 2010 Group Sex
Love Poems
Love Stories
11 4.83 44978

26 Oct 2013 Love Stories
5 4.51 7923

24 May 2012 Oral Sex
1 4.25 7733

Bio: New to Lush and love this site. I have been writing erotica for about 15 years and had grown tired of the places out there until I found Lush. I am not looking for an online wife or a cheap thrill, I'...
03 Aug 2011 BDSM
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
15 4.79 129386

Bio: Laid back guy who prefers drama free zones. Originally from California, and miss the beaches dearly. For those of you wondering, Etienne is Steve in French although I am mostly Italian.
29 Jul 2010 First Time
Straight Sex
3 4.27 37044

02 Apr 2013 Group Sex
7 4.51 49343

Bio: Hello everyone, my name is Etta and I am a owned and collared hedonistic girl switch to a wonderful Alpha HOH Primal DaddyDom. Other then to read the stories, I will be keeping this as a journal about...
31 Jan 2014 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
9 4.96 12986

Bio: Black, 6'0" Trim build, smooth, 'stache & goatee, shaved head
08 Feb 2013 Gay Male
Oral Sex
2 4.75 21495

Bio: I've always been interested in writing and recording my many fantastic experiences is my new favourite hobbie which always gets me wet when I write about them.
21 Sep 2008 Lesbian
Straight Sex
4 4.44 26601