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Bio: On the surface I'm a straight forward 40 something woman....but underneath the surface I have a raunchy side a mile wide and sometimes I need to let loose!

I am interested in people, what mak...
23 Nov 2012 First Time
Group Sex
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
6 4.82 67118

02 Jul 2016 Bisexual
5 4.66 22391

Bio: i'm a good girl by day, naughty girl by night looking for someone older to set me straight and teach me the ways...

i think about sex a lot and i love to fuck :)...i was married young, but ...
31 Aug 2010 Love Poems
2 4.53 27537

30 Jul 2013 Novels
Straight Sex
3 4.53 15375

11 Sep 2011 Love Stories
1 4.63 3440

22 May 2009 Group Sex
1 4.44 31371

20 Jun 2012 Masturbation
1 4.50 8527

Bio: I am a Bi Female aged 40. I am keen to chat with other females and very keen to have a one on one chat. I love cyber sex with girls only. I am not into BDSM or anal. I do love to talk dirty. Please ...
27 May 2010 Bisexual
Group Sex
4 4.73 33178

Bio: Back on Lush after a year away, came back to read the stories but would like to chat to other members too. I'm straight and my other half is a little bit bi. She has a friend who helps her out from ti...
02 Apr 2013 Lesbian
1 4.50 7651

Bio: For years I have written stories for both my and my wife's pleasure. I never really intended on sharing them. Most of them have been based on something in my life, or my desires. After years of readin...
18 May 2010 Cheating
Flash Erotica
Wife Lovers
5 4.80 51134

Bio: Im a 24 year old soldier in the US Army. I spent much of my time in highschool screwing around so I never did make good grades, just c's mostly. Met a wonderful woman, my ex wife, who I fell in love w...
04 Oct 2012 Group Sex
1 4.40 6888

20 Jan 2013 MILF
1 4.84 66262

Bio: A simple girl in a complicated world. I want for very little, besides providing for my pets, being happy at my job, and surrounding myself with people I don't want to punch in the throat every three s...
17 May 2017 BDSM
1 5.00 1661

05 Apr 2012 Lesbian
2 4.67 15612

08 Apr 2011 Mature
Straight Sex
5 4.48 72786

Bio: Lifelong sex-a-holic with lots of adventures to share, but usually won't chat with those who share little on their profile pages.
01 Nov 2011 BDSM
First Time
Gay Male
Quickie Sex
10 4.51 72015

07 Dec 2006 Lesbian
1 3.85 34633

30 Dec 2009 Taboo
1 4.70 43392

Bio: I am a married, bisexual, dominant woman, who loves giving and receiving oral sex as well as double and triple penetration. I do not travel unless you are providing first class tickets for myself and ...
16 Apr 2017 Group Sex
1 4.78 8316

Bio: I am a mystery to most... the types of stories I like to write involve using the senses in such a way as to make you feel like you are actually experiencing the event.... Let your mind open and your s...
29 Dec 2008 Straight Sex
2 4.45 10107
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