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Bio: I belive mysef to be a complex person with many different layers. Each layer is merely a slight portion of me. I as history buff, an athletic person, a smart guy who cant spell and a poet when i feel ...
03 Apr 2011 Love Poems
2 4.50 2335

Bio: I'm an older guy, retired and retired Navy. I'm interested in writing incest stories about Dad and Daughter and Mom and Sons... But mostly Dad and Daughter. I have been told by many that I'm a Master...
30 Oct 2009 First Time
Love Stories
Straight Sex
17 1.99 90652

Bio: Venturing into a world of erotic literature in regards to reading and writing. I've posted one and hope it's up to standard. A closet liberal in the sense that I'm mild mannered man during the day and...
26 Jul 2011 Incest
1 0.00 520

07 Feb 2014 Love Stories
1 4.57 17075

Bio: I'm 22 and I do write on occasion. I don't think i'm as great as all the writers on here, but practice makes perfect. I do not come on here to have "virtual" sex through chat, my main purpose is to re...
01 Apr 2012 Lesbian
1 4.31 7655

06 Aug 2013 Incest
1 0.00 152

05 Sep 2012 BDSM
1 4.29 14499

Bio: I wanted to tone down my profile a bit. I am 35 years old. I am single and live in Burley Idaho. I am very open minded, and enjoy everything that is about sex. Yes, I do like reading incest stories an...
22 Mar 2011 Incest
2 2.50 4655

Bio: I am happily married in a vanilla marriage and enjoy stepping out discreetly. I love the erotic, taboo, writing, and "playing daddy". As I continue to add stories, some of them will be true or at leas...
09 Dec 2013 Taboo
3 4.70 265575

Bio: Thank you, for taking the time to read this advertisement. With some luck, that will be your first step into a memorable journey.

First, let me introduce myself. I am a professional, working ...
29 Jun 2015 Seduction
1 5.00 7531

Bio: I was originally in Perm, Russia. So English was my second language. I've been interested into writing erotic novels for a while now, but I never got around to writing them. After about 3 years I foun...
11 Jan 2012 Incest
3 1.67 1276

Bio: Though I'm a little new to this I hope you enjoy!

12 Dec 2012 Group Sex
2 2.10 5077

Bio: I write for the feedback. Please take a moment to vote and or comment. If I am on-line, please feel free to chat. Thank you.
03 Sep 2008 Straight Sex
6 4.54 53838

Bio: I'm new to this site and I thought I would submit a story that I would like to turn into a series.
24 Jan 2009 Incest
1 4.00 505

Bio: Well here goes.... I'm a single white, straight male that loves to worship tight arses. Im 30, blue eyes, brownish black hair, slim and 5'10-11 (as a guess hahah) I just go all weak at the knees wh...
17 Aug 2009 Anal
1 4.69 10586

16 Nov 2008 Lesbian
1 4.38 144496

09 Jul 2016 Fetish
1 4.81 18970

08 Jan 2010 Lesbian
1 4.73 9413

Bio: I've always enjoyed reading romance novels, however, my family is conservative and doesn't promote the sexual realm for women. This is me spreading my wings a little
20 Jun 2012 First Time
Love Stories
Straight Sex
8 4.89 25962

Bio: I'm kind of a party girl at heart, I'm always looking for something fun to do when I'm not working. I made this account because got bored so I figured I'd throw my hat into the ring and write a couple...
25 Dec 2012 Hardcore
2 4.80 86907
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