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This list shows all members that have published stories on Lush, with a username beginning with the letter I.

Author Joined Categories # Stories Avg Score # Views

08 Jan 2010 Lesbian
1 4.73 9236

Bio: I've always enjoyed reading romance novels, however, my family is conservative and doesn't promote the sexual realm for women. This is me spreading my wings a little
20 Jun 2012 First Time
Love Stories
Straight Sex
8 4.89 24920

Bio: I'm kind of a party girl at heart, I'm always looking for something fun to do when I'm not working. I made this account because got bored so I figured I'd throw my hat into the ring and write a couple...
25 Dec 2012 Hardcore
2 4.80 82730

05 Oct 2013 Interracial
Quickie Sex
2 2.92 25536

Bio: Just an old hippie doing a little farming. A bit of a political activist. I ain't bothering no one that don't want bothering, nobody's bothering me.
12 Mar 2011 Love Stories
1 4.88 2316

Bio: A modern woman who still believes in being hopelessly romantic. I write stories based in the city I live and love.
15 Feb 2012 Love Stories
9 4.94 19362

15 Nov 2011 Cheating
Group Sex
Love Poems
Wife Lovers
22 4.69 227231

Bio: I will only chat with females and if you're a guy don't even bother because I'm not adding you.
08 Mar 2011 Lesbian
Love Poems
6 4.65 48056

30 May 2014 Straight Sex
1 4.00 4683

30 Aug 2013 Wife Lovers
1 4.72 13244

Bio: Nothing important, really. Just a Dutch guy who just started to write erotica. I hope you all enjoy my stories and your feedback is always welcome!
22 Feb 2014 Bisexual
First Time
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
27 4.86 230421

09 May 2011 Crossdressing
1 4.19 43152

Bio: Just a horny guy, what else ya wanna know? ask me!
07 Oct 2011 Incest
2 0.00 75

Bio: Hello everyone. We are a happily married couple whose lifestyle is not like most other married couples. Me, James is a dom and my wife sonya has many subserviant tendacies. It has been that way since ...
10 Sep 2012 Incest
7 0.71 4804

Bio: Hi! I am a fun loving cross dresser that is a exhibitionist to the max. I love showing myself to everyone in hopes that maybe I can get you off. There is nothing I like better than getting people off!...
12 Jul 2013 Crossdressing
1 3.86 14563

27 May 2017 Crossdressing
1 4.92 10708

Bio: I am a 64 year old man, some would call me gay. I really like sex more than labels. In my younger days I had many encounters with other guys.
Then I got married and have been with my wife for over...
01 Oct 2016 Crossdressing
Gay Male
8 4.85 61375

20 Feb 2011 Reluctance
1 4.71 7909

Bio: im 18 & i loved to be called baby girl
please feel free to message me
26 Jul 2013 Incest
1 0.00 73

14 Apr 2014 Seduction
2 5.00 10473
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