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Authors with username's beginning with J

This list shows all members that have published stories on Lush, with a username beginning with the letter J.

Author Joined Categories # Stories Avg Score # Views

18 May 2012 First Time
Straight Sex
5 4.82 55725

26 Nov 2014 Spanking
1 4.63 14004

20 Sep 2008 First Time
1 3.88 38921

Bio: Hi I'm Jane (or Janey, don't mind!), married for a couple of years to my lovely hubby. Always enjoyed a healthy straight sex life but my mind has been wandering and thinking about being with another g...
28 Dec 2011 Group Sex
6 4.80 87895

Bio: I am 51 years old, plump, housewife. Often bored I meet my lover Wayne about 3 times a year for great sex but we usually only have half a day togther each time. My stories will always be true but with...
01 Jan 2013 Straight Sex
1 4.33 3250

22 Dec 2011 First Time
2 4.90 28735

Bio: My name is Helga and my husband’s is Rick. I am a blue eyed blond, wear a 34C bra and I am told that I have great looking legs and ass. I am now 35 and Rick is 37. We have been married for 10 years an...
18 Oct 2011 Bisexual
Group Sex
12 4.55 274656

Bio: Im just a normal guy, in my early 20s, with an above normal sexual apatite. I'm a pretty open person in terms of experiences or views. I like a lot of different story genres and themes.

I en...
03 Apr 2013 Straight Sex
1 4.50 3727

Bio: Medicine student in Manchester, originally from London. Recently started writing as a bit of a hobby, love hearing about other people's experiences. If you fancy a chat send me a message
01 Feb 2013 First Time
Straight Sex
3 4.66 33149

Bio: Hello and welcome to my profile, my name is Jasmine as you can probably tell from my username. I'm a young twenty-three year old lass from Yorkshire in the north of England, however I was born in Jack...
10 Dec 2012 BDSM
First Time
Gay Male
Group Sex
Love Stories
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
62 4.91 781164

Bio: So I'm just starting out as an adult fiction writer. I struggle a lot with grammar, so it takes a while for my stories to be verified. I'm a very open-minded gal, who'll try anything once (or more if ...
08 May 2015 Cheating
2 4.97 11078

11 Jul 2012 Straight Sex
1 4.00 4218

Bio: I'm a 20th-century, San Francisco hippie...
Having always lived and worked in the vanilla world, I decided it was time to share my kinkier side with the planet. Using my writing skills to write s...
30 Dec 2016 Anal
1 4.75 4340

Bio: Hey, I'm a real easy going guy and i like exploring new things. I'm a real party guy and love enjoying the nightlife.

When it comes to being with a girl, I love having nights of pure lust ...
05 Mar 2013 Cheating
1 4.70 20548

Bio: Just a guy who melts at the sound of a sexy voice…

I don't write erotica often, a handful of stories in the last five years, so when I do, I try to make them worth reading.

For thos...
30 Apr 2009 College Sex
First Time
Flash Erotica
Oral Sex
14 4.74 236478

23 Aug 2016 Straight Sex
1 4.00 1152

30 Mar 2015 Gay Male
10 4.37 36486

Bio: Love to write, love to write about sex.

Since posting "First Time Lucky", I've started writing erotic fiction for publication!

Read more about my upcoming releases and find a rev...
25 Jul 2009 Straight Sex
1 4.90 19339

15 Aug 2009 Straight Sex
1 4.63 2300

Bio: I'm very outgoing, like to party. I have a jacoozi and it has provided me with a lot of juicy sexy stuff that I can share with those interested. I am also as blind as a bat and have learned that if ...
23 Nov 2011 Straight Sex
1 4.33 3015
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