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Authors with username's beginning with J

This list shows all members that have published stories on Lush, with a username beginning with the letter J.

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17 Feb 2015 Group Sex
2 4.40 15813

16 Oct 2012 Gay Male
4 4.79 65216

Bio: I'm a sex addict who has a thing for women in relationships. I know it's bad, but I've had a lot of experience in this area. My stories are composites of real situations I've been in. This is safer th...
07 Jun 2013 Wife Lovers
1 5.00 4527

17 Sep 2013 First Time
1 5.00 5023

06 Nov 2011 First Time
4 4.96 58137

Bio: I am 40 year old single guy. I come to Lush to escape from the drama of my life. On Lush I can be the person I would have been. Living in the buckle of the Bible belt, I would be considered a freak if...
15 May 2010 Group Sex
Straight Sex
4 4.48 25014

Bio: I use to write… even quite a bit. Then I fled reality for the wilds of Alaska and put down my pen for camera. Still photographing, but leaning toward picking up the quill again. Maybe I'll be inspired...
02 Oct 2012 Supernatural
1 4.63 1865

Bio: I began writing erotic short stories about a year ago as a way to explore my own sexual interests and learn more about sexuality in general. Looking to read and share stories, and looking into publi...
09 May 2014 Reluctance
2 4.95 64753

Bio: We're a young married couple. Over 4 years happily married and we are always getting dirtier. The stories we post are either true, or something we would love to happen, mostly written by Jon. Always l...
20 Apr 2010 Interracial
Wife Lovers
5 4.68 193880

Bio: Hi I'm 20, I'm an average Brit I work 9 to 5 behind a desk and have a voluntary job on the weekends. I enjoy reading erotic fiction hence joining this site. It would be great to get to know more estab...
09 Feb 2014 Masturbation
1 4.50 16116

07 Dec 2007 First Time
1 3.94 28645

Bio: I have been on Lush for a while, so many of you already know me. I would like, however, to acknowledge some of my closest friends. I am in a fictive kin relationship with DaMaster67, Dx2Shannon. Maste...
29 Sep 2011 Anal
Group Sex
6 4.80 114232

30 Jun 2012 Straight Sex
1 5.00 3588

29 Aug 2011 Voyeur
1 4.62 13013

31 Jan 2013 First Time
1 4.50 8863

Bio: I am, in fact, JefferyB. I'm not nearly smart enough to think of a clever name or come up with a sexy photo ... mostly because I'm not very clever or sexy. I'm just an old guy that has wanted to write...
31 May 2013 Exhibitionism
First Time
Group Sex
Love Stories
Office Sex
Straight Sex
29 4.65 144389

12 Nov 2010 BDSM
1 3.75 8326

06 Jan 2014 BDSM
Straight Sex
2 4.63 14412

25 May 2009 Lesbian
Love Stories
2 4.07 23711

Bio: I am Jem.. The genre I like to write about most is Father/Daughter, it is very complex and there is always a climax. 2/28/2013 - After a LONG break from this scene, I've decided to start writing again...
11 Oct 2011 Masturbation
1 4.83 4227