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Authors with username's beginning with K

This list shows all members that have published stories on Lush, with a username beginning with the letter K.

Author Joined Categories # Stories Avg Score # Views

26 Dec 2014 Reluctance
1 4.10 27831

28 Feb 2011 Straight Sex
1 4.20 9820

02 Dec 2014 Lesbian
1 5.00 15022

Bio: Living single again at 42 years old, I decided to try writing stories and seeing if anyone on the web liked them. I have always kept my dreams, stories, and fantasies to myself, so I thought I might t...
08 Jun 2009 Straight Sex
2 4.84 8141

Bio: My name is Kat. I love to write and I really love to write erotica. So much so that I have my own interactive website where I write stories for my members based on their own ideas. It's fun, fun, fu...
05 Aug 2011 BDSM
4 4.76 46517

05 Jan 2008 Lesbian
1 4.00 4710

Bio: Im young and full of life. Im looking to have fun and just be myself.
If you think you can handle me, message me!

I don't share pictures if I don't know you, so don't ask.
21 Sep 2013 Anal
3 4.69 75115

09 Oct 2014 Lesbian
1 5.00 23129

Bio: Author of BDSM romance series, Boundaries. Sexy, kinky and romantic with a twist of humour. I love writing about the beauty of Dominance and submission.
22 Nov 2014 BDSM
2 4.73 26510

Bio: Just returned from Amazing year in Aus, updating my profile and I will put some images up of me having a great time down under. Have Just started writing Part 2 of my Sugar Babe confessions so watch o...
04 Dec 2016 Mature
1 5.00 13044

Bio: I'm from the UK and currently run my own business. I am a really random person with lots of different interests, and most people say I'm part man because of how I act and think and what things I enjoy...
14 Mar 2014 Voyeur
2 4.17 21442

Bio: Hi! I've been on lush before (a few years ago) and decided to make a return. I'm happily married, and here to make friendships and have good conversations. Mainly interested in chatting with women, gu...
21 Nov 2016 Cheating
1 5.00 7438

Bio: Small town girl, went to a State College up North, moved to MD after I got out of school because there was supposed to be a job for me here. sigh that didn't pan out, so I'm doing the same thin...
31 Jul 2012 Exhibitionism
2 4.58 12744

Bio: I am a 42 year old female. When I write I try to convey the pure pleasure I get from all aspects of sex. I hope that readers can understand that pleasure from the stories I write. I prefer to keep ...
22 Dec 2010 Group Sex
Love Poems
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
9 4.80 83851

Bio: Hi I'm Kay!
I have found a few great friends on her and especially Captnick my best friend and internet lover
10 Feb 2014 BDSM
Love Poems
Quickie Sex
9 4.81 62697

Bio: As a nympho and a writer, I'm here with hopes of curbing some of my insatiable appetite for both sex and writing. I'm gay if I need a label, but I fall more 80/20 and embrace my sexual fluidity. I pri...
24 Jan 2014 First Time
1 4.78 52293

Bio: I am a female. I live in Alabama. I have a major Daddy/Daughter fetish and love to explore incest stories. I have two sisters and a brother in real life. The sisters are younger the brother is older. ...
06 Jun 2013 Incest
6 2.47 12111

16 Feb 2014 Flash Erotica
1 4.60 4899

Bio: I really never know what to write here but I can tell you that writing stories is a lot harder than anyone thinks until you try it! My hat's off to those that really do it well.
08 May 2011 Masturbation
1 4.96 4559

31 Jan 2010 Love Poems
2 4.64 3441
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