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02 Jun 2012 Anal
1 4.86 7684

Bio: love reading erotic stories, my favorites are of non consent/ reluctance type. sometimes i also read bdsm and getting into it, find it a real turn on. I prefer anime rather than common porn. Please do...
03 Jul 2014 BDSM
6 4.84 32777

Bio: My name is Kelly.*I am belong to notlooking5 and no one else. I will obey her every word, so please respect that* I am not a slut, but I do like to sleep around with girls. I like to write a lot lesbi...
15 Jul 2011 Anal
13 4.43 183739

Bio: 24 yo from the Rockies, here to read and write stories that interest me. I have a thing for Bro/sis Incest, but also starting to think about girl-girl action.
25 May 2012 Lesbian
1 4.92 3636

02 Nov 2007 Crossdressing
2 4.79 60546

Bio: Successful published Erotica Romance Novelist. I have five novels published under my credit, and the release of 'Shadows of Obsession" will be out 03/01/12

Certified Sexpert for California ...
11 Feb 2012 Oral Sex
1 4.50 2195

Bio: My name is Ken. I am a retired aerospace engineer and I'm here to post some of the 50 or so erotic short stories I've written. I enjoy writing stories more than reading them, so I probably won't be v...
03 Oct 2013 Bisexual
First Time
Flash Erotica
Group Sex
Love Poems
Love Stories
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
52 4.68 845063

Bio: I like a little of this, a little of that. I'm a happy-go-lucky kind of guy who is affectionate and confident but dotted with periods of sociopathic misanthropy and self loathing. My sexual tastes can...
21 Feb 2010 Oral Sex
Straight Sex
2 4.79 15291

Bio: I'm kenneth if you couldn;t tell then you need to have your head checked, i've no idea why i'm here if you think of a one tell me. i'm quiet and shy most of the time. if you message me i'll try to wri...
25 Sep 2010 Straight Sex
1 4.75 6909

Bio: I like to write erotic fiction. Other people seem to like reading it. Feel free to drop me a line anytime, I love getting feedback from people.


For a...
28 Aug 2014 Bisexual
First Time
Group Sex
Love Stories
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
26 4.97 275555

24 Jun 2010 Exhibitionism
1 4.25 3130

Bio: 38 yo male that just left the Navy. Looking to read some good stories and catch up with old friends.
13 Nov 2010 Anal
Group Sex
2 4.11 17596

Bio: I'm 34, I have been divorced for about a year and a half. As far as me me sexually, I'll try anything once... and if I like it I'll do again... and again... and again... and I find myself wanting to e...
07 Oct 2011 Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
4 4.85 20382

10 Apr 2011 Straight Sex
1 4.33 4441

Bio: Im 23 and love to write stories of any kind, childrens, mystery, horror, love , sexual etc. Ive been writing since i was 12 years old and im loving every minute of it.
23 Sep 2008 First Time
3 3.21 15357

Bio: Okay, so I finally decided to add some information about myself. My name is Kesha. I'm eighteen years old. I'm bisexual, and I currently have a girlfriend named Liz. I really only get on to read an...
24 Dec 2009 Gay Male
Straight Sex
6 4.58 176724

20 Oct 2012 Bisexual
Gay Male
5 4.48 45275

06 Apr 2011 Taboo
1 4.63 24016

Bio: I am 6'3" 215 lbs, green eyes and brown hair.
I do have self photos. They are in a private album, ask and I may share them with you.
29 Oct 2012 Exhibitionism
1 4.48 13889

07 Oct 2012 Straight Sex
1 5.00 4396