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Bio: Just a guy in England with a slightly dirty mind and an itch to get those thoughts out and onto a page.
12 Feb 2014 BDSM
1 5.00 4947

Bio: I am amazing just as I am!
Stronger than I know.
More beautiful than I think.
Worthier than I believe.
More loved than I could ever imagine.
Passionate about making a difference.
19 Dec 2011 Love Poems
Love Stories
Oral Sex
4 4.87 15742

Bio: Grad student living in the Midwest. Always been into guys, just recently became curious about girls too . Love to chat with guys and girls here, prefer...
22 Jun 2014 College Sex
1 4.58 32878

23 Nov 2011 Love Poems
Straight Sex
3 4.82 14831

17 Feb 2011 BDSM
4 4.67 45593

Bio: Husband and father. I have enjoyed writing as a hobby for most of my life. Most of the erotica I write has some grain of truth from my personal life and I let my imagination take it from there.
26 Dec 2012 Spanking
4 4.62 55971

Bio: I'm Asian, roughly 5'7" - 171cm in height, of average built, short cropped black hair, sometimes described as dreamy looking.
I love music, writing and reading (and making up own fantasy)
I'm ...
04 May 2014 Love Poems
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
6 4.95 19954

Bio: My wife and I our 48 years of age.I love writting stories of all the wild and nasty things that we do.Like to meet other couples that share in the same things that we do.Get down and dirty kinky,nasty...
25 Jul 2009 First Time
2 4.19 50203

Bio: I came over to this site from an adult site more oriented to meeting ladies. While I met several wonderful and talented ladies and had many positive experiences at that site, and some...I'll just say ...
19 Feb 2013 Anal
First Time
Flash Erotica
Group Sex
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
66 4.86 445392

18 Mar 2010 Fetish
4 4.40 20874

27 Oct 2013 Fetish
Group Sex
Oral Sex
4 4.11 30449

14 Mar 2013 Bisexual
3 4.41 59988

Bio: I am male.... all male I do not have a feminine side....I know this because if I did I would touch it all the time...literally. I am a Contract Quality Management Engineer...fancy title for an inspect...
15 Sep 2009 BDSM
Group Sex
4 4.89 28552

15 Apr 2009 Gay Male
1 4.33 22860

Bio: Hello all been here on lush for a while now and since then I've been contemplating a career as an erotica writer. I love reading other people's stori...
24 Apr 2015 College Sex
1 5.00 35307

04 Apr 2013 First Time
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
6 4.03 65283

Bio: I'm a Single guy, looking for some fun and friends, I have a reasonable sense of humor, just looking to meet someone at the moment. Currently in part time work at a reputable fashion outlet and workin...
08 Jul 2012 Wife Lovers
1 4.50 3610

18 Jul 2012 Mature
3 4.83 35113

Bio: I just sort of like to write stories to turn my wife on. Erotica is a challenge to write. I enjoy writing it and love reading it. I come here for a bit of inspiration.
21 Nov 2010 Group Sex
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
5 4.80 35488

Bio: Hi there

I love to write about itaboos and many things that may turn of the majority of the Lush community. Im 5'10" with short hair, lean/at...
22 Aug 2013 Taboo
1 4.46 26206
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