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Bio: I'm just a horny guy that was fortunate enough to be born with a descent body and presentable features, and a descent sized Willie. But it is not really the physical appearances that have gotten me i...
21 Jun 2013 Anal
First Time
Group Sex
Quickie Sex
Wife Lovers
9 4.76 101102

Bio: I'm not here looking for love. I have more than enough of that at home. I like to write and read erotica and I enjoy the stimulation of flirting with people as well as bouncing ideas around with them....
17 Sep 2011 Fetish
Love Stories
Oral Sex
12 4.84 93499

Bio: Very sexual person, descriptive but above all friendly. I know how to show respect because i was brought up that way.

Many kinks and fantasies i want and have had experienced. Love to share t...
13 Jan 2011 BDSM
1 4.81 8897

Bio: Served in the Army with 2 deployments to Iraq. The picture is from Baji Iraq 2005.
28 Mar 2014 Group Sex
2 4.51 31709

31 Aug 2010 Love Stories
1 4.80 2819

Bio: I use this forum to let my mind wander to enjoyable events, places, and people. Each story is a mixture of truth and fiction. Dreams, wishes, and realities hedged together in narrative to provide a re...
20 Sep 2009 Reluctance
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
4 4.84 135195

16 Oct 2015 Love Stories
1 4.00 2516

Bio: Average girl with librarian glasses.
13 Sep 2011 Love Poems
1 4.75 992

03 Nov 2010 Love Poems
1 4.80 891

03 Apr 2011 Incest
1 0.00 431

Bio: Hi, I am a 27 y/o bi-cd. Miranda is my alias/alter ego. I am brunette, slim athletic build, green eyes, around 5'10. I just recently joined and am still trying to work out all the features on here so ...
06 Apr 2018 Crossdressing
5 4.46 10058

Bio: I have made my decisions. Sorry if some of you cannot accept them. If i wanna fly i got to dump all the crap that holds me down.
02 Sep 2013 Lesbian
2 4.85 14959

Bio: I've been trying to write some from the male perspective most recently in an attempt to challenge myself and I have found it unusually fun. In general, though, I love getting involved in characters a...
22 Mar 2011 Exhibitionism
First Time
Love Poems
Love Stories
Oral Sex
5 4.94 133884

Bio: I love to make mischief. I almost look like my avatar except that I don't carry a javelin around. I have an active imagination and a true fascination with the female form from the artistic standpoin...
26 Nov 2010 Incest
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
16 4.27 196031

Bio: I am a new at writing, but so far, love to do it! My stories have a very romantic side to them. It's not just about pure sex but the story behind it as well, so if that's not your thing, you might not...
12 Nov 2013 College Sex
First Time
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
5 4.79 51566

Bio: I love reading and writing sexual stories. Add me as a friend. I don't do chats but I love comments and messages.
12 Jul 2009 Incest
4 1.17 169538

Bio: Just for everyone's information...I am not a "*Lushie*", one of the many brainless, mindlessly boring Bimbos who's sole purpose is to be treated like a Fucking Idiot. I crave Substance and Conviction ...
20 May 2013 Quickie Sex
1 4.90 11156

05 Oct 2013 Cuckold
5 1.88 31118

22 Jun 2017 Mature
2 4.97 20543

Bio: A vivacious brunette blessed by a rich multi-cultural heritage who loves to chat, explore and express.

I just got my first story published - yeeehaww! Looking forward to digging deeper into ...
24 Dec 2013 Seduction
1 4.81 6909
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