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Bio: I enjoy chatting about both real experiences and fantasies. I have written a variety of erotica: with favorite theme older woman-young man/boy as favorite. I wrote several incest but Lush dropped thos...
16 Nov 2011 Masturbation
2 4.48 32942

Bio: Cheeky, fun and above all else, completely modest. Well two out of 3 isn't bad.
I have a vivid imagination and have been told that I have a way with ...
05 Aug 2014 Humor
1 5.00 3084

Bio: Hello I am the King of Roses. Welcome to my Kingdom. It is the Kingdom of Roses. If you see me say hi. You are welcome here any time. One must not lose desires. They are mighty stimulants to c...
05 Dec 2010 Love Stories
1 4.91 6341

22 Mar 2009 Gay Male
1 4.54 49689

Bio: I'm a baker, photographer, lover, and a fighter.
10 Jul 2009 BDSM
1 4.60 9374

Bio: My writing Alias is MarahMoriah, and i'd prefer not to disclose my actual name on here. I am 21 years old and I've been writing erotic stories for the last 3 years or so. I started because my boyfrien...
14 Aug 2013 BDSM
Group Sex
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
9 4.42 89615

Bio: I like writing short stories that are about 30 - 70% true. Feel free to email me
24 Mar 2007 Straight Sex
1 4.25 11948

Bio: I love being around women, pleasuring women, and having women pleasure me. Don't be afraid to ask me to chat, or talk. If i'm on, and I'll be honest, I'm really horny and really looking for fun. I'm m...
09 Oct 2012 Straight Sex
1 5.00 3900

10 Feb 2009 Mature
2 4.57 210976

Bio: 42 year old married bi curious bloke 175cm 98kg I like to read Bi, Incest, Anal, Gay & Lesbian Stories
16 Nov 2009 Gay Male
1 4.18 32956

07 Nov 2014 Lesbian
1 4.90 17832

Bio: Marc Nobbs twitter profile describes reads, “Author of erotic romance, Blogger, Accounts Manager, Husband, Dad. But not in that order.”
Marc started writing as hobby just after leaving university ...
10 Jan 2014 Straight Sex
1 4.80 6686

Bio: I enjoy writting erotic stories and I don't feel bad about this, for it's a blessing to write and read about mistery that takes place at sex.
28 Jun 2007 Anal
First Time
Love Stories
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
61 3.79 1101824

Bio: Hi there I'm an author who has posted stories on other sites including Literotica and Eroticstories under an alias and thought I'd give it a go here on Lush. My wife and I are happily married and have...
19 Jun 2012 Group Sex
2 4.64 28867

29 Jul 2012 Novels
1 5.00 1376

Bio: Mature, professional man. Father, ex-soldier, hunter, ex-farmer and witer. Living life to the fullest and and recording erotic thoughts and experiences a I wait at the many red traffic lights on the w...
26 Dec 2010 Anal
Oral Sex
6 4.59 70389

Bio: I enjoy meeting and making new friends, but I won't just accept random request to be a notch or number on your wall. So please do not be offended if I do not accept your friend request. Thank you fo...
06 Apr 2009 BDSM
Love Poems
Quickie Sex
32 4.85 87341

Bio: Hey I found this sight looking for literotica to jerk off to... Still I really do enjoy reading and writing. Most of the time I'm on here I'm either really horny or bored. Still feel free to Pm cause ...
22 Dec 2013 First Time
1 4.89 9843

Bio: I'm a work in progress. Learning new things every day. Trying to stretch my boundaries with help. I've found some of the stories to be very well written and have enjoyed them for the past few years.
26 Oct 2012 Love Poems
1 4.40 755

10 May 2013 Lesbian
1 4.29 6064