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Bio: I'm a 52 year old married man. I love all sorts of sex. I'm turned on by intelligent, sophisticated women with natural tits and a knowing look. I like group sex and orgies though this is more in fanta...
16 Sep 2012 Bisexual
3 4.69 58873

Bio: Hey guys, thanks for checking me out. Feel free to read through some of my work and let me know what you think.

23 Oct 2009 Gay Male
7 4.75 187664

Bio: I am horny bisexual male, who has experienced many pleasures of the flesh in many different forms. I started out young, and have sex constantly on my mind. I write about my experiences, and love readi...
15 May 2011 Anal
Wife Lovers
9 4.78 327067

Bio: Opera singer, then intelligence officer, then management consultant, then Fortune 500 co exec, then mentor to MBA/MSIE students and entrepreneurs.

I like to write stories (a) based on my own ...
20 Feb 2014 Bisexual
Gay Male
50 4.11 244582

Bio: 45 year old. Interested in women and writing. Like stories which well written as well as erotic
18 Jul 2008 Anal
1 4.92 27971

22 Apr 2009 Exhibitionism
Straight Sex
2 4.27 12498

30 Jul 2010 BDSM
2 4.50 21703

Bio: Retired at 50. Too much time on my hands. Too many stories to tell. Decided to write an erotic book "Fifty Six in a heartbeat" James Marlowe...available on 'Kindle'
15 Jul 2014 Bisexual
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
10 4.46 87155

Bio: Marna is my fantasy alter ego. If only I was younger, more beautiful, and more daring. Marna an exhibitionist always eager for sex, especially if she ends up held down or tied down for a nice long ses...
16 May 2014 Exhibitionism
Group Sex
4 4.99 24160

Bio: I joined the site because I love sex in all its wonderful, anticipatory, juice flowing, pleasure bringing forms. Sadly, my other half seems to have lost the taste for bedroom fun. My stories are gener...
18 Nov 2013 BDSM
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
4 4.46 27813

13 Oct 2012 Lesbian
1 4.63 6025

18 Mar 2008 Straight Sex
1 4.56 7271

04 Jul 2010 Oral Sex
Straight Sex
3 3.83 29700

17 Nov 2014 Group Sex
2 3.79 17445

13 Feb 2012 Straight Sex
1 5.00 3088

22 May 2016 Straight Sex
1 5.00 3833

31 Jul 2012 Fetish
1 5.00 3928

Bio: Raised in the midwest. Married at 22. Have enjoyed small group fun for about 16 years.
26 Mar 2016 Group Sex
1 3.78 11972

Bio: I go to a Catholic private school in Newfoundland. If you don't know where that is look on a map ;) I am actually very shy and I joined this site to explore my wilder side. ;) I am a virgin because I'...
27 Nov 2010 First Time
1 4.25 9899

Bio: Got divorced when knew desired sperm more than pussy. Feeling warm cum on my lips and face and needing it deep in my ass is the only way to take a lover totally bareback. Who knew being a total bottom...
05 Sep 2013 Gay Male
1 3.83 6930
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