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Bio: Hi... I'm Mary, and I am mainly here to read and write stories.
I'm in my thirty's and I'm a builder/maker type girl. I live in California in a cute little house with my husband and our girlfriend...
06 May 2016 Fantasy & Sci-Fi
1 5.00 2081

Bio: i'm a girl. saving myself for someone special, i guess : ) i'm bisexual. i prefer girls, but boys are okay too! : ) i have a passion for writing so i hope you'll like what i write.
15 Aug 2010 Lesbian
1 4.71 15535

Bio: Writing a novel. Would love to know what you think.

20 Sep 2013 BDSM
22 4.87 47773

Bio: Married 40yrs Any photo's added now mostly mine or edited by me.
If I cannot say something nice then my choice is to say nothing there is too much negativity in this world so be NICE.
Age and...
24 Oct 2010 First Time
1 4.86 8698

04 Jun 2015 Gay Male
1 4.76 16925

22 Mar 2016 Taboo
1 5.00 11280

Bio: Tantalized by many of the stories on this site has encouraged me to write and share some of my own hot moments that will definitely not be forgotten.
01 May 2012 Oral Sex
1 4.71 17321

Bio: Hello Everyone, I’m Thomas, a complete newbie to But I have been writing stories since quite some time. I am not an English native speaker and had never looked much on the quality of ...
31 Dec 2010 Masturbation
2 4.60 69464

Bio: I love reading and getting into the minds of the writers. I find that reading is even more stimulating than watching a movie. I don't have the God given talent to write, so I admire those who can and ...
29 Jan 2011 Spanking
1 4.63 31620

Bio: Bio Update 6-19-16

Hello, and Welcome to my page. On this page, you will find the Writer, Reader, and Chatter known as Master_Dragon883

A lil' about me.

I am 6 feet tall an...
08 May 2013 BDSM
2 4.85 6006

25 Dec 2011 Lesbian
1 4.57 9860

Bio: Basically I guess im kinda shy, I love to read and write stories but I have confidence issues, like if people are going to like it or if I'm going to be abused for doing something wrong. None the less...
31 Jul 2010 Straight Sex
1 4.00 17984

07 Mar 2009 BDSM
Wife Lovers
3 4.31 56002

01 Dec 2015 Lesbian
2 5.00 8673

Bio: I am Master to my beautiful wife, I am not actively seeking any additional subs. I cherish my wife/sub a lot. I enjoy writing bdsm and syfy novels. I am a Master and my sub is relatively new to bei...
22 Aug 2013 BDSM
3 4.78 15467

10 Dec 2011 Mature
1 5.00 3191

Bio: I do enjoy reading many different stories that are posted. I'm not much of a social person I work and go to school most of the time and when I do have time I love to read. Blessed be to all and merry ...
10 Nov 2010 Voyeur
1 4.05 21970

Bio: Professionally I am an electrical engineer, but I'm also a writer. I like to write stories that have to do with sex, but a good story is not about body parts. It is about emotion, character developmen...
07 Mar 2011 BDSM
First Time
Love Poems
Love Stories
9 4.53 87118

15 Sep 2013 Lesbian
1 4.14 8028

Bio: Male, 29, seeking to learn more about myself and others. I'm Really looking for people to chat with both in regards to erotica, but also in regards to having a laugh. I am a bit of a slut, and if I'm ...
05 Jan 2012 Group Sex
2 4.68 10626
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