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Bio: I write vivid erotica. My sordid tales of lust and passion are always gritty, yet I love to retain a sense of humour within my characters. Some of my tales are based loosely on my own experiences, whe...
01 Jan 2015 Cuckold
Flash Erotica
Straight Sex
6 4.81 28730

01 Aug 2015 Exhibitionism
1 4.00 4400

Bio: Well for one I may need to give some thought about on this for later but for now I shall list some basics to give one an idea of me. I am 35, meh lets basically say 36 it wont be that much longer. T...
30 May 2011 Straight Sex
1 4.75 7363

Bio: Provocative, foul-mouthed Scottish girl, just here for a laugh and to do a bit of scribbling...

(I'm quite friendly, but please do add a note if you're sending a friend request)...
20 Sep 2012 Erotic Poems
Flash Erotica
Group Sex
Love Poems
Love Stories
Office Sex
Oral Sex
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
49 658721

16 Feb 2011 Group Sex
Wife Lovers
7 4.53 202121

10 Apr 2009 Love Stories
1 4.13 2932

Bio: I am a 40 something guy looking to find my creative side. Wrote my first story and finally got it published. Looking to meet new friends. Love life.
17 Apr 2013 Straight Sex
1 3.67 6604

08 Dec 2014 Group Sex
1 4.63 80583

21 Feb 2011 Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
6 4.11 40539

Bio: I'm told I am a Rod Stieger lookalike, hence the avatar.
I'm just an ordinary bloke who's been around the block a few times. I have traveled the world extensively adding to my life's experiences.
09 May 2013 Cheating
Straight Sex
4 4.42 25537

14 May 2013 Spanking
1 4.89 19049

31 Jul 2013 MILF
Straight Sex
2 4.37 50588

20 Nov 2011 Straight Sex
1 4.60 3650

Bio: I recently stumbled across Lush Stories and really enjoyed myself. I decided to create an account and post some of my old stories. These stories are not to be taken too seriously. I hope you enjoy.
25 Oct 2008 BDSM
5 3.66 61817

16 Dec 2011 Oral Sex
1 4.50 5275

Bio: My pseudo is taken from someone whom I have always been interested in. That is not to say I follow his approach, but I really do think he was an amazing person. He was persecuted for his ideas. I admi...
12 Aug 2012 BDSM
1 4.88 4461

12 Jul 2009 Straight Sex
1 3.44 14196

07 Nov 2011 First Time
1 4.31 14451

Bio: I'm a female, I will write whatever I feel like writing- but I'm new to this, so I would like to know how to improve
24 Aug 2012 Love Stories
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
4 4.38 42043

Bio: 62 year old male. Curious. Intelligent. I'm the thinking type but have been known to act on the thinking I've done. Married to a woman who is smarter than I am which leaves me befuddled that she c...
15 Feb 2014 Love Poems
3 5.00 1847
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