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24 Dec 2007 Novels
1 4.25 9634

Bio: How does one get their partner to completely open up for them? In every sense - I am in a very healthy, happy relationship with my wife. She is hands down the greatest blow job I've ever had (and I've...
30 Nov 2012 Oral Sex
1 4.38 7614

08 Jul 2014 Exhibitionism
Straight Sex
7 4.92 40192

12 Feb 2012 Oral Sex
Straight Sex
2 4.80 5936

Bio: Longtime writer of gay erotica. My book Backwoods was a Lambda Literary Award finalist. Co-wrote the porn film "Dad Takes a Fishing Trip" with director Joe Gage. More more more:
27 Nov 2013 Gay Male
7 4.76 182472

Bio: Is Lush better the second time around? Time will tell. So, what about me? I'll think on it.
05 Mar 2014 Erotic Poems
1 5.00 691

Bio: I am a big beautiful woman with big tits and a big ass. I found the love of my life 15 yrs ago and he loves every part of me. So far this site has been a lot of fun. I have met some very special peopl...
16 Jul 2013 Love Poems
5 5.00 4025

Bio: i'm an avid sailor who enjoys his spare time enjoying the nude lifestyle especially on our boat, in our yard and at nude resorts. i quite enjoy reading and viewing erotica, sharing stories and chats w...
13 Oct 2011 Exhibitionism
Group Sex
3 4.66 16328

Bio: First and foremost I'm bi-sexual, love to spend time and enjoy the human body be it male or female. Love to get naked at every opportunity, particularly on beaches around Europe. I also have a major f...
08 Mar 2012 Crossdressing
Gay Male
Group Sex
11 4.69 141113

Bio: I love to write read erotica. I am in a commitment of a sort that prevents me from expresing my sexual side so I try to compensate by writing. Unfortonately stories that involve a partner are fictiona...
25 Jun 2011 Anal
Fantasy & Sci-Fi
First Time
6 4.69 35983

Bio: Finally able to explore my sexual desires with someone who appreciates what I have to offer Couldn't be happier!!
19 Dec 2012 BDSM
3 4.73 8311

Bio: I am a single woman. I like reading stories about older men and younger women.
28 Dec 2013 First Time
2 4.98 34169

Bio: I am a fun loving 28yr old scottish girl, enjoy reading a variety of subjects and plan to write a few stories of my own.
01 May 2009 Masturbation
2 4.68 19426

Bio: To let you all know a bit about myself, I am a curvy girl, but very athletic. 18 years young
I'm an outgoing and bubbly person, but I have a very submissive mindset, and I believe I was meant to b...
16 Aug 2014 BDSM
1 4.45 9400

Bio: To let you all know a bit about myself, I am a curvy girl, in my 20's (a BBW).
I'm an outgoing and bubbly person!!!

I am just here for some fun, naughty, dirty chat and/or roleplay...
17 Jan 2011 Love Poems
1 4.67 1008

Bio: Hi, I'm a registered nurse, specialized in mental health care.
I am a Lushie for a while now and really like this place.

Characteristic for me is that I'm a free spirited person and like...
29 Sep 2012 Group Sex
Oral Sex
2 4.89 32353

13 Aug 2008 Spanking
2 3.25 36212

Bio: I enjoy writing all kinds of stories, but among many of the genres I enjoy writing about, this is one of them. I hope to expand my horizons, you can say, by joining this community. I hope you all enjo...
19 Dec 2012 Love Poems
1 4.60 863

Bio: I am a 21 year old Psychology major! I live in NY and I have 3 guys that I totally love and adore! I write stories that are all my experiences! I love reading other people's experiences and trying som...
06 Mar 2011 Straight Sex
6 4.97 78136

08 Sep 2012 Crossdressing
2 4.45 37629